Nature Observatorio


Nature Observatorio is located on the Southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, in the National Wildlife Refuge of Gandoca Manzanillo where the tropical rain forest meets the coral reefs of the Caribbean Ocean. It is built on an ideal, strong well-positioned tree, high in the air but without harming the tree in any way, even a single pin didn’t used for constructing the building. The forest is still untouched and undisturbed by the human being and the tree house has been built without altering the nature. 


Nature Observatorio To exploring the beauty of the deep jungle, you will have to go  by foot and it will take only fifteen minutes. This jungle is home to screaming parrots, traveling monkeys leaping from limb to limb, jumping poison-dart frogs. This place is just perfect in balance and you will experience like everything is connected. You will get the opportunity to go for a walk and work with the local Indian tribesmen and know about their traditional ways of coexisting with nature. 

Nature Observatory Project:

This project is quite simple and truly unique. It was built to prove that the living tree is more valuable than a dead tree. In modern time trees are usually cut for developing city and industries, to make a cow field or banana plantations, or to make products and tropical rainforests are disappearing day by day and it is damaging the ecosystem of the Planet Earth. This Nature observatory is trying not only to protect the tree but also to study their high environment. 


The entire structure weighs only 2.200kg and its light enough and removable. There are two comfortable bedrooms in the upstairs and downstairs is used for viewing platform. In its modern bathroom, water is used collected from rain and for the electricity for all the usual home conveniences, solar energy is used. There is an elevator to pull you up from the forest ground but if you wish you can choose to climb under your own power. There is a hatch in the roof which allows access to the very top of the tree, another 30m above. You will feel amazed by watching the jungle view from high above the treeline and will have the memorable rewarding experience. 


Nature Observatorio

Peter Garcar – Manzanillo – Limón – Costa Rica
Cel. : (506) 8628-2663
Email :
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