Foods in Costa Rica


Costa Rica, being one of the hottest travel destination Latin America, is currently welcomes about two million visitors each year. This country is an attraction for tourists who want a bit of adventure in their vacations as it is contains unblemished beaches that stretch for miles, jungle rivers for white water rafting and kayaking, dazzling cloud rainforests with the magnificent opportunity for hiking and bird-watching. However, the food is not an attraction for Costa Rica tourists, as these dishes are commonly found and are more likely similar to what you eat in United States. However, they do have a touch of ‘Costa Rica’ in them, creating a different version of the same food that takes a look of a healthier version of that common food served with fresh fruits and vegetables.

costa rica food Who likes healthier food? We all run away from it because we feel a healthier version of any original food just kills all the yumminess out of it and Costa Rica welcomes such kind of foods! However, the food in Costa Rica is quite cheap and even if you visit one of the dazzling restaurants, average cost per person would be like less than $50, unless you have a special attraction for trying out some of the unique drinks Costa Rica serve.

Costa Rica Food is more likely to be unbeatable in taste if they are homemade. Some of the traditional food is Casoda, Ceviche, Galla Pinto, Olla de Carne, Sopa de Mariscos, Arroz con Camarones, Arroz con Maricos, Temales, Empanadas, Chicharones, Carnitas, Bizcochos, Pan, Pejibaye, and other Caribbean dishes like Caribbean chicken, Ron Dom, Pan Bom, Pati. As for drinks, the popular and easily found is coffee, chan, horchata, pipa fria, refreshcos (like carambola, cas, guanabana, mango, maracuya, mora, papaya, pina, and tarmindo), guaro, ron centenario, and ceveza.

foods-costa-rica Generally, the bases of Costa Rican meals are rice and beans for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For a Caribbean coast, a specialty for such food is that all are cooked in coconut milk, giving it a rich and authentic taste. Appetizers (called bocas) are served with drinks and generally free in most bars. Some traditional appetizers are gallos, ceviche, tamales, patacones and fried yuca. Snack bars are very popular in Costa Rica and hence, you might find them in streets as well. This country can be called as beef country, where beef is a commonly accepted and cheap ingredient. A popular beef dish is a broth with chunks of beef in them called olla de carne.

Another very popular dish is called spit-roasted chicken: you might be surprised to see how tender can it be. A plenty of seafood is also available in the country and is very much appreciated in taste. Plus, the country is enriched with fresh vegetables and fruits. The freshness in fruits serve itself as one of the delicious refreshcos that has been widely appreciated. Moreover, the desserts were always loved. Some of the popular of them are tres leches cake, flan de coco and so on.

Costa Rica is a paradise for those who seek adventures. Plus, you might have some food adventures as well and can fall in love with its culture and the freshness it reveals. And the most important thing is that the food keeps you healthy!

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