Gaia Vista

Gaia Vista

Gaia Vista is a sustainable eco-village situated in Costa Rica’s rural countryside. Named after the goddess, Mother Earth, Gaia Vista promises an experience that will allow people to communicate with nature on a deeper level. By creating a self-sustaining community, Gaia Vista offers the general public a chance to experience a journey that promotes a higher love for the environment as well as the people who share the same beliefs.


LocationLocated in the Central South Pacific area of Costa Rica, Gaia Vista boasts an abundant view of the rolling countryside and untouched beaches. It is surrounded by natural habitats for various flora and fauna. The desert-like conditions makes it a suitable location for an eco-village because of the proliferating natural resources that surround the area.  It is also a well-known tourist spot that has easily accessible restaurants and local shops.

The location of Gaia Vista is surrounded by virgin rainforests and pristine beaches. There are no hotels near the area, making the land as untouched as possible. An adventure is just right around the corner once you settle yourself in Gaia Vista.


Aside from the rainforests and beaches, Gaia Vista is home to many other attractions that will provide people with the outdoor experience that they have been longing for. Costa Rica’s maritime laws prevent people from building any establishments directly on the beach itself, thereby keeping the natural surroundings a haven for people who appreciate the natural beauty of the country.


SurroundingSituated below the property are mangrove forests. This is the start of the largest Pacific Coast Mangrove forest in the whole of Central America. Mangrove forests in Costa Rica are home to the most exotic plant and animal life in the world. It is an inter-tidal wetland ecosystem that contains wildlife that both thrive in salt water and fresh water. There are various species of water birds like the Northern Jacanas, Purple Gallinules and the Roseate Spoonbills. Those are just a few because there are many more waiting to be discovered. Another favoured attraction by the tourists in the area is that this location has the highest density in scarlet macaws in all of Central America. A boat trip to the mangroves will definitely refresh your senses.

Aside from that, the property also has 3 steams, a river and a over a dozen natural waterfalls. The development is also situated in an area that is only a couple of miles away from the small hotels and restaurants. They are mostly quaint little places with local delicacies enjoyed by most tourists. Anything you need is only a few minutes’ drive away. This includes a new international airport and hospital, as well.

Eco friendliness/Facilities:

Eco facilitiesGaia Vista is creating an eco-friendly community where one can either live in a tree-house or a self-sustaining house designed specifically for the residential area. They will be producing their own and power through micro hydro units and solar systems. They will also grow their own organic produce. These will be available to all the residents of Gaia Vista.

Every aspect of Gaia Vista is built on the principles of green building as well as the utilization of sustainable energy derived from the environment. The rooms are specifically designed to blend into the rainforest so that the beauty of the surroundings will remain as untouched as possible. The houses are built on old farmlands, which means none of the abundant flora or fauna will be disturbed.

Gaia Vista aims to create a living environment where one can grow socially and spiritually. By being closer to nature and being aware of the good things associated with eco-friendly sustainable-living communities, people can discover a new way of living. Gaia Vista wants to offer the public that way of life in order to create a better system that will one day influence the world.

Other Information:

The resort also has a Sky Hammock. It is a huge fishing net draped up in the rainforest canopy where one can enjoy the wonderful sights and sounds of the forest. There will also be a waterfall hot tub. A propane burning hot-tub will be placed under one of the beautiful waterfalls in the property. The residents can also visit the rainforest health spa and organic restaurant. Gaia Vista will be hosting Canopy Tours and Retreats as well.

Living in Gaia Vista does not mean cutting all ties with the world. They have integrated a Solar Wi-fi Communication center that will be available for use so people can still go about their daily businesses through the internet. People can also visit the art center where they can paint, create pots and sculptures. A tribal zone and music area with a bon fire pit, totem poles and a stage is available for use also.

There are so many things that people can do at Gaia Vista. It is agreeably one of the most attractive places to live in Costa Rica. Along with its various amenities and eco-friendly system, Gaia Vista promises an experience that you will never forget and place that you will never want to leave.


Gaia Vista
Central-South Pacific
Uvita, Costa Rica

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