Common name: Fer-de-lance Type: reptile Family: Viperidae Range: This Fer-de-lance snake can be found in the ranges of Central America including Panama, Guatemala, and Honduras, Costa Rica and Belize and also the Atlantic lowlands of eastern Mexico. It is available in the southwestern Guatemala and southeastern Chiapas of Mexico with isolated population. When you consider […]

Brazilian Wandering Spider

Common name: Brazilian Wandering Spider Type: Reptiles & Amphibians Family: Ctenidae Range: When you consider about the range of this Brazilian wandering spider, you can see this in the forests of Costa Rica and also throughout the South America including the places Colombia, northern Argentina, Paraguay, Guiana, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, east of Anders and […]

Olive Ridley Sea Turtle

Common name: Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Type: Reptilia Family: Cheloniidae Range: When you consider about the range of this turtle, it normally lives in the warm waters and tropical areas of the Indian and Pacific Oceans from New Zealand, Japan, India, and Micronesia south to southern Africa, Arabia and Australia. It is also observed in […]

Boa Constrictor

Common name: Boa constrictor Type: Snake Family: Boidae Range: The range of boa constrictor would be varied depending on the subspecies. You can find them from northern Mexico through Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Belize, EI Salvador and Panama of Central America to South America north of 35 degree S. It is also available in the […]

Turkey Vulture

Common name: Turkey Vulture Type: Bird Family: Cathartidae Range: You can find this bird in the range of the southern most tip of South America from the region of southern Canada. It is also available in the ranges of Central America including Mexico and Costa Rica. Size: The turkey vulture is available with the wingspan […]

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