Tree House Restaurant and Cafe


Tree House Restaurant and Cafe is located Monteverde, Costa Rica. It is a nice and unique restaurant built in the branches of an old huge ficus tree. This restaurant has been developed in 2004 and operated continuously. Two Costa Ricans are the owners of this restaurant and almost 30 people work in this restaurant. All the staff work hard and give effort to maintain the standard of product quality and speed of service. 


Tree-House-Restaurant Different types of dishes are offered by the Tree House Restaurant and Cafe. Costa Ricans usually love to eat rice and beans every day so the restaurant offers it but foreigners like to try different cuisines and considering their choice, the restaurant not only offers the Typical food but also have the option of many other delicious dishes. It cuisine includes Latin American Fusion influenced by Peruvian cuisine. People who like sea food they will get delicious seafood dishes prepared from the fresh fish collected from Monteverde as it is near to the coast. It also offers some great beef cuts (like Rib Eye or T-Bone). Fast food lovers can have Pizza, Hamburgers and Sandwiches. It also offers some Mexican dishes such as Nachos and Quesadillas. 

The restaurant also offers many types of drinks including Costa Rican beers, some craft beers and even freshly prepared cocktails. There are also fresh fruit drinks and sodas. You can enjoy your drink sitting by the spectacular Ficus tree. 

Tree House Restaurant and Cafe also famous for its coffee. You might want to try good coffee  but not all coffee is as good as you might expect but the restaurant is trying hard to make and provide the good coffee and it offers Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano or iced coffee.



Tree House Restaurant and Cafe
Monteverde, Costa Rica
Phone: (506) 26 45 57 51
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