Top 5 sunset spots in Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio

There is no doubt that the sunsets in Costa Rica rank as some of the most wonderful scene. Just some time before the sun sets, you can go out and enjoy watching beautiful sun set as well as the changes of the color of sky in every moments. Sometimes if you are lucky enough, you might also get the opportunity to watch rainbow from the coastline or inland.

Whether you want to enjoy watching the sunset with your toes in the sand or from an infinity pool or from a mountain, you will find every options to choose from in Costa Rica. Here goes top 5 sunset spots in Costa Rica where you can enjoy watching amazing view while sun goes down:

Manuel Antonio:

Manuel Antonio is a unique place where the sea meet the mountains and the jungle surrounds the hilly landscape. This makes for a truly one-of-a-kind sunset. Along the hillside you will find hotels, restaurants, residences from where you can enjoy watching amazing sunset view. With a tropical cocktail in hand, you can enjoy amazing view of the sun sets and the marvelous colors of the sky.


In South Puntarenas, Dominical is one of the amazing beach in Costa Rica to enjoy amazing sunset view. During the sunset you will watch the sky turns to an amazing color like golden. During sunset you will also enjoy strolling along the shoreline, walking on the wet sand, gazing out onto the bright horizon, feeling the touch of the ocean breeze on your skin, and also listening to the sounds of the ocean waves.


Tamarindo is popular for the beach lovers. In its main strip you will find a variety of vendors, bars and restaurants. If you want to enjoy more privacy and spend some tranquil time only with your own self, you can walk to the southern end of the beach and there enjoy watching amazing sunset view. You will also watch some surfers playing with the waves and also might see a few local people sitting on overturned fishing boats.

Playa San Juanillo:

Playa San Juanillo is nestled just in the north side of Nosara. This beach area is not well-known among the tourists. There are white sand beaches lined with almond and coconut palm trees under which you can enjoy sitting while watching the amazing sunset view. In the middle of the beach there is a tiny and hilly peninsula where you can climb up and enjoy watching the best sunset view.

Santa Teresa:

Santa Teresa is a great place for enjoying wonderful sunset views. Situated in the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, only via dirt roads, this place can be reached. This area is less crowded and don’t have lights much that will allow you to enjoy the wonderful view. If you visit this place with your partner, you can enjoy a romantic evening in this calm and relaxing locale. Just enjoy gazing at the amazing sunset view and the sky light turning into different colors.

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