Backpacker Beaches in Costa Rica


Compared to those of other Central America countries like Guatemala and Nicaragua, Costa Rica’s prices are high. But the in this country backpacking is a popular pursuit. Backpackers seem to linger in some destinations more than others and they like to visit the places where beds and beverages are cheap as well as give the opportunity to make new friends and to enjoy a memorable vacation. There are many backpacker beaches that are are appealing to visitors seeking to enjoy natural settings and bohemian vibe. The natural charm of the backpacker beaches is often complemented by artisans peddling their handcrafted wears on the sidewalk. In the beach area you will also find many restaurants that serve delicious and healthy foods. Here goes some of the Backpacker beaches in Costa Rica for those who are planning for heading to the lovely country of Costa Rica:

Mal Pais – Santa Teresa:

The sleepy beach hamlet of Malpais is accessible by road via Highway 160. To reach this beach you can take the ferry from Puntarenas to Paquera or Naranjo Beach, and then ride a bus or drive the rest of the way. From San Jose and Liberia you can take a flight to the nearby town of Tambor. This beach is just like a paradise for the surfers and in this spot surf is indeed exceptional as it offers consistent and outstanding swells year round. This beach is located 4 miles (6.5 km) north of Cabo Blanco National Park and nestled at the southwestern cusp of the Nicoya Peninsula, opposite Montezuma. When you will walk around the village of Malpais, you will forget the hustle and bustle of daily life. Nature lovers will find this place far from the crowded destinations and will enjoy the incredible natural surroundings in relative peace.

Puerto Viejo:

You can reach Puerto Viejo via Highway 36 or by simply walking south, along the beach. This beach is renowned for its laidback attitude and famous for it’s surfing. People who are budget travelers, they will find this place perfect for its cheaper prices, less crowds, and under-explored natural attractions. In this beach area backpackers can enjoy leisurely days and lively nights as well as accessibility to other Caribbean hotspots. Located 11 miles (18 km) from Cahuita, Puerto Viejo has recently become a hit with tourists due to its cultural allure, stunning white-sand beaches, tropical vegetation and its proximity to national parks.


On the Nicoya Peninsula’s western shore, the beautiful coastal hamlet of Samara is a paradise for the backpackers. In Costa Rica this beach with its wonderful white sand in contrast to the aquamarine water, this beach is renowned as one of the prettiest and safest beaches. In the surrounding area you will find many restaurants, stores, hotels and a small selection of bars. You can go for enjoying nightlife, can visit one of the discos where you can enjoy parties till early morning. Samara’s 3-mile (5 km) coastline is encompassed by the tropical plant life and living coral. Not only for the backpackers but also for the locals, wealthier Ticos (forming a quintessential beach community), and foreigners, this beach is a popular destination.


Surrounded by plantations, mangroves, estuaries and marshes, this laid back beach town is about 27 mi (44 km) south of Quepos. This quaint and growing beach town is a popular beach town for the surfers. Though this beach town is relatively small but offers a variety of beaches to choose from. Just south of Dominical there is the Playa Dominicalito where you can enjoy surfing as well as swimming. You will find the lush green land merge with rich blue Ocean on the southern end of the Playa Dominicalito. Backpackers who want to enjoy some tranquil time by watching the ocean’s waves crash onto the rocky shore below and watching the amazing sunset view, they will find this beach perfect.


The bohemian town of Montezuma is an ideal laidback beach town for the surfers, youths as well as backpackers. Located at the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, opposite of Mal Pais, this beach can be reached easily by ferry, road and air. People who are seeking a place to enjoy a lazy and easy life, they will find this beach town absolutely perfect. In this area you will find upscale resorts, catering to luxury and comfort travelers. With its mangroves, tropical forest and beautiful coastline, this beach is just like a paradise for enjoying a memorable vacation.

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