Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a general and light type of Yoga that includes most Yoga styles. This style of Yoga consists Yoga postures (asanas) and Breathing exercises (Pranayama). These workouts help us to mental and physical benefits and make our body prepare for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation. For a strong and healthy body this style of Yoga was developed as a set of techniques for a strong and healthy body to grow in preparation for spiritual practice. Many people have a misconception about Hatha Yoga is that it is an exercise method but the real fact is this yoga technique is a discipline not an exercise method.

women-doing-yoga ‘Hatha’-this word can be interpreted in two different parts symbolically. The first part is ‘ha’ (sun) that stands for action and the second part ‘tha’ (moon) that stands for internalization. Hatha Yoga stands for the union of this two specific energies of the sun and moon which are also called solar and lunar-solar (male, right nostril, pingala) and lunar energy (female, left nostril, ida). The term ‘Hatha Yoga’ is commonly translated as the Yoga that unites ‘of the pairs of opposites’.

Hathay Yoga is like a journey towards inner-self that starts by making self-purification that we can do by doing some Hatha Yoga workouts. This type of practice will help us to realize the true nature of our limitations and accept those with respect, It also helps us to overcome  those limitations and get benefited in every aspect of our life-physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

This particular style of Yoga technique is based largely on asanas (physical postures) and also on Pranayama (breathing exercises). All type of Yoga has the same goal-to make enlightenment and Hatha Yog is the particular method that help us to achieve this goal through the body rather than the mind. So it can be said that Hatha Yoga is a strong physical approach of Yoga and is called the Yoga of Physical discipline. It has also another meaning-‘Power’ and ‘Forced’. There are a variety of workouts in Hatha Yoga so it can also be said as the yoga of ‘Force’.

yoga-pose Benefits of Hatha Yoga:

Hatha Yoga workouts are really beneficial for our physical and psychological health. Here goes some of those benefits which can renovate our life:

Health and Fitness Benefits:

  1. If we practice Hatha Yoga workouts regularly, we can make our mind calm, stable, focused and tranquil.
  2. These workouts also can improve our flexibility, range of motion as well as make our body stronger and enhance our balance.
  3. Regular practice of Hatha Yoga can also help  us get rejuvenated and energetic and decreases the chance of getting injured.
  4. It is true that for burning extra fat, Hatha Yoga workouts are not as effective as other types of Yoga is. But it can also burn some fat by regular practice of the workouts.
  5. For functional fitness, this yoga method also a great option as it allows our body to be both strengthened and stretched in positions that our body structure naturally in on a day-to-day basis.
  6. This style of Yoga consists postures which need stretching the muscles, movement of the organs and this methods increases the drainage of lymph and this lymphatic system destroy cancerous cells, fight infection and decrease the toxins of cellular functioning.

yoga-posture Therapeutic Benefits:

  1. If we practice Hatha Yoga workouts regularly, we can get healed from health difficulties and can soothe a specific health alignment. Hatha Yoga series help us to get rid of chronic neck pain (if we have) as the postures focus on gently stretching and elongating the spine.
  2. This Yoga method consists some postures which focuses on inversion, forward bends and also make the mind tranquil. Those postures are also beneficial for getting relieved from sinusitis.
  3. There are many physical postures in Hatha Yoga which are helpful for alleviating carpal tunnel syndrome, anxiety, astma, insomnia as well as sciatica.
  4. By practicing some Hatha Yoga workouts, pregnant women can get benefited but must consult with an expert while selecting the workouts.
  5. Hatha Yoga workouts also tones the endocrine glands that have an important role in preserving the harmonious functioning of the body. These include the pineal, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroids, thymus, adrenals, and gonads. Not only by physical movements but also by thoughts also stimulate these glands.

Spiritual Achievement:

At the time of practicing Hatha Yoga workouts, we will feel the positive energy flowing throughout the different parts of our body. It also balance the opposite aspects of our being and ultimately improve spiritual awareness.


After practicing the Hatha Yoga workouts for the first time, many practitioners sometimes experience fatigue and soreness throughout the body and it causes because of the Yoga stretches. Some people also experience difficulties while doing breathing exercises or meditating and it can also cause dizziness or disorientation.

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