Yoga and Scuba Retreat in Anamaya

Scuba Diving and Yoga Program

lower-yoga-deck-group-800px Ultimate relaxation, that is the bottom line of every vacation. But the definition of a relaxed vacation depends on you. Some may venture to wild parties while binge drinking and dancing till they drop as a way to release the stress generated from work and other sources of anxiety. There are some who prefer to sit and lay back on a quite place. But how about a vacation that totally recharges your mind, body and spirit while you are out in the sun.

Doing yoga is one way to attain this where this ancient Indian form of exercise can enhance the condition of both the body and mind. It uses different body position to direct the flow of energy to a specific part of the body. For example, yoga can be done to lessen down your weight or tone your body like flattening of the stomach. You can do yoga anywhere you want including the very premises of your house. But it would more beneficial if you would do it in a quite and peaceful place.

yoga-reteats-at-anamaya-resot In Costa Rica, there is a nature resort that specializes in yoga retreats. Built next to an epic waterfall, Anamaya Resort is an exotic place standing on top of a cliff.

Their most popular package is the Yoga retreat where you can do the old Indian exercise while overlooking a tropical beach. Addressing your body’s nutrition, Anamaya resort doesn’t just offer ordinary cuisine, but gourmet organic foods are always on the menu. They also have a variety of luxurious spa services to maximize your rejuvenation experience. If you are really in to yoga, they offer Yoga Teacher Trainings which gives you this rare opportunity to teach yoga to others who are interested.

scuba-instruction-800px Another activity Anamaya offers is scuba diving. If you are into yoga, you will really appreciate the benefits you get out of diving. The feeling of weightlessness allows you to further extend your muscles without giving too much effort when compared to doing it on land. But be reminded though, compared to yoga, diving requires a certain level of training where one needs to attend a certification course.

Scuba Certification

Sanctioned by CMAS, Anamaya resort offers diver certification courses where you can explore a new world and do yoga underwater. In fact, one of the diving skills taught in the Open Water Certification course is the hovering which is similar to an Indian squat.

montezuma-crew-divers-808x606 Diving and yoga have a number of similarities. For example, both can give you a feeling of tranquility and peace. This is true in Anamaya resort where you do yoga on top of a cliff and diving in some of the remotest beaches in Montezuma. In short, both of these hobbies gives you this opportunity to be one with nature. Another beneficial factor is breathing. While you are already familiar with relaxed breathing in yoga, this will be further enhanced when you go diving as you breathe compressed air while cruising slowly along coral reefs.

After taking a combined yoga and diving retreat in Anamaya, we guarantee you that you will feel refreshed once again and ready to get back to work and face the daily challenges of life. One more thing, when you go to sleep, you will remember and cherish your yoga and diving where you have experienced great healthy food, exercise, sun, fun and laughter all in one place, courtesy of Anamaya. Namaste.

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