Animals and wildlife in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Zoo

Home to nearly 400 animals of 60 different species, Costa Rica zoos are maintained regularly by volunteers who clean animal cages, wash dishes and prepare animals’ meal too. They call


Common name: Fer-de-lance Type: reptile Family: Viperidae Range: This Fer-de-lance snake can be found in the ranges of Central America including Panama,

Brazilian Wandering Spider

Common name: Brazilian Wandering Spider Type: Reptiles & Amphibians Family: Ctenidae Range: When you consider about the range of this Brazilian wandering

Olive Ridley Sea Turtle

Common name: Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Type: Reptilia Family: Cheloniidae Range: When you consider about the range of this turtle, it normally lives in the warm waters and tropical areas

Boa Constrictor

Common name: Boa constrictor Type: Snake Family: Boidae Range: The range of boa constrictor would be varied depending on the subspecies. You

Turkey Vulture

Common name: Turkey Vulture Type: Bird Family: Cathartidae Range: You can find this bird in the range of the southern most tip