Animals and wildlife in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Zoo

Costa Rica Zoo

Home to nearly 400 animals of 60 different species, Costa Rica zoos are maintained…


Common name: Fer-de-lance Type: reptile Family: Viperidae Range: This Fer-de-lance snake can be found…

Boa Constrictor

Common name: Boa constrictor Type: Snake Family: Boidae Range: The range of boa constrictor would be varied depending on the subspecies. You

Turkey Vulture

Common name: Turkey Vulture Type: Bird Family: Cathartidae Range: You can find this bird in the range of the southern most tip


Common name: Fox Type: Animal Family: Canidae Range: Among most of the species those referred to as fox, the red fox is treated as the one as wide spread one

Blue Whale

Common name: Blue Whale Type: Mamal Family: Balaenopteridae Range: When you consider about the range of this Blue Whale, it normally resides


Common name: Agouti Type: Little rodents/Mammals Family: Dasyproctidae Range: The Agouti is ranging from the places of southern Mexico including the Yucatan