El Toucanet Lodge


El Toucanet is a rustic lodge that is situated amidst the cloud forest near Santa Maria de Dota in the south central region of Costa Rica. This lodge nestled in a comfortable setting and while staying here you will enjoy panoramic views. People who like to enjoy bird watching, they will find the surrounding area of the lodge paradise as it has a direct access to an optimal bird watching habitat and over 200 species of birds are listed here. Nature lovers will also like to stay here as this lodge is located in the valley of Copey De Dota (heart of Los Santos Forest Reserve and home to Los Quetzales National Park and Cerro Las Vueltas Biological Reserve). It takes only one and half hours south of San Jose. This lodge sits  at 1950 mts above the sea level and that is why here temperature range from 8º to 20º Celsius. The cloud forest is full of  oak trees, greens, moss, bromeliads that will make you feel the interconnection with the nature. You will like to enjoy waking up with sound of the river and also watching the spotted wood quails after a peaceful night sleep.


bird-watching El Toucanet Lodge  is a family run lodge that is developed in 1996 and still providing great facilities including comfortable accommodation, delicious meals, and organizing many types of activities which make the vacation memorable. It is able to host exclusivity small sized groups.


El Toucanet Lodge provides clean and comfortable spacious rooms including private bath with hot water, private terrace where you can get relaxed as well as enjoy the surrounding beauty. These rooms also have large windows through which the guests will also enjoy the spectacular forest and farm views. You will fins two roomy junior suites that are very private and include king size bed, Jacuzzi, hot water, Wi-Fi, fireplace, coffee maker, small refrigerator, silverware, plates, also large windows for enjoying  spectacular sunrise, rainbows and garden views.

In the lodge property you will find a restaurant that serves home made healthy and delicious meals,  typical Costarican food, fresh baked trout the house specialty that are from a neighbor’s trout farm. All the meals are fresh as those are prepared with  fresh product collected from the region. If you follow any special diet, you can ask for it.


While staying in this lodge you will get many opportunities to enjoy a variety of activities including short hike, coffee tour, and many other adventure tour. You can start you day by going for a walk and spot Wood Quails announcing first light. If you are a early risers you can enjoy the coffee that produced from the region of Dota is on around 6:00am. With the sup of coffee you can spend some tranquil time on the lodge terrace and watch the the first birds of the day in nearby trees and gardens at the same time. Lodge offers free quetzal guided tour which start at 7:00 walking from the lodge in hunt hunt for the Resplendent Quetzal and also many other species of birds and you can also enjoy this tour.



El Toucanet Lodge
Copey de Dota, 8051
email: reserve@eltoucanet.com
Website: http://www.eltoucanet.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Toucanet-Lodge/288623847857681?fref=ts

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