Costa Rica is a wonderful travel destination for all types of people. It has two ocean coasts, volcanoes, rivers, rainforests, beaches, and a well-developed travel and tourism infrastructure. There are hotels from $10/night youth hostels on the beach to $1000+ five-star resorts, with everything else in between.

There are wild places too, where you can walk for hours or days into some of the most biologically intense places on earth, such as Corcovado in the Osa Peninsula, or many of the other national park systems, which is one of the best in the world.

Activities such as surfing are extremely popular too, with nearly a million people coming to Costa Rica each year to try it. Yoga has also become a big draw for the country, with more than 50 dedicated yoga centers here, and many more places that offer it. Costa Rica may have more yoga retreat centers than any other country besides the United States.

The diversity of wildlife in Costa Rica is nearly unparalleled, with dozens of species of mammals, over 100 types of bats, thousands of insects, bird, etc. Jaguars still prowl the jungles in many areas, and there are four different species of monkeys, which are a common site in many of the beach towns, especially the amazing howler monkeys.

Some favorites:

www.costaricaecolodges.net - If you think it is difficult to plan for sustainable travel, you will be amazed to see how Costa Rica Eco-lodges has made it easy! Promoting the widespread adoption of sustainable tourism in Costa Rica, this online platform lists all the Eco-lodges of Costa Rica, provides short but insightful descriptions and contact information. That’s why this website has become the ultimate tourist guide for the adventurous people looking for world class Eco-lodges in Costa Rica.

www.costaricasurfing.org - Costa Rica has many amazing spots to learn how to surf, challenge your surfing skills and above all enjoy your surf vacations. Each and every part of Costa Rica coastline offer different types of features, facilities and surfing opportunities. But not all the places offer great waves, surf camps and accommodation facilities. But surfing without great waves and other facilities is worthless. Costa Rica Surfing is the ultimate online platform that would help you find best surfing spots in Costa Rica.

www.costarica-yoga-retreats.com - Costa Rica is considered as  a slice of heaven on the Earth that is renowned for its world class yoga teacher training programs and famous yoga institutes. There are literary hundreds of Yoga institutes, retreats, studios that provide Yoga class and teacher training programs. There are many living yoga legends in Costa Rica who host Yoga courses and YTT. If you are looking for a web portal where you would find all the information about yoga in Costa Rica, Costa Rica Yoga Retreats is second to none.

www.malpaisbeach.com - Santa Teresa, a small but beautiful town in Puntarenas Province, is now considered one of the best eco-friendly surfing destinations. Sustainable travelers from around the globe visit Malpais and Santa Teresa every year. Santa Teresa is one of Costa Rica’s most life-affirming destinations. Though it was the surfing that first brought people here, Malpais and Santa Teresa has a lot more things to offers! Discover this hidden gem with the help of Malpais Beach, a dedicated website for Malpais and Santa Teresa.

www.montezumabeach.com - Montezuma has become one of the popular destinations for the tourists, backpackers, permanent ex-pats, artists, yogis and surfers. Montezuma has numerous white sand beaches, beautiful waterfalls, Sport fishing spots, great surfing waves, and snorkeling opportunities. Montezuma is famous for Yoga retreats, teacher trainings and yoga studios. Montezuma Beach is one of the best online resources for the up to date information about Montezuma.

www.ranchodelicioso.com - Rancho Delicioso is working to create a more socially, economically and ecologically sustainable community. This eco-village has been consciously designed by its owners to promote eco-friendly and sustainable living and create an organic community of eco-minded people including artists, dancers, musicians, and yogis. Rancho Delicioso also operates a volunteer program for creative individuals who can see the opportunities around them.

www.tropisphere.com - Tropisphere is a real estate company specializing in residential and commercial property, including beachfront and eco-friendly homes and land for sale. They offer luxury as well as affordable beachfront and ocean view villas, eco-lodges, hotels, and farm houses across the key locations of Montezuma, Santa Teresa, and Tambor.

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