Rara Avis Rainforest Lodge & Reserve


Surrounded by deep rainforest Rara Avis Rainforest Lodge and Reserve can be reached only by a three hour tractor-pulled cart ride  from Las Horquetas de Sarapiqui, a 90 min drive from San José. This is perfect place for the people who want to spend a memorable vacation in pure nature, deep in rainforest as well as with clean and comfortable lodging. This lodge was developed in 1983 and its mission was to prove that it can be possible to make the rain forest economically productive and to protect with from any kind of danger. This lodge is nestled in a remote pristine jungle with true wilderness and bordering Braulio Carrillo National Park and Zona Protectora La Selva. You will find this lodge different from others as there is no electricity and it makes the place more mysterious and adventurous. While staying at Rara Avis Rainforest Lodge, you will enjoy home like environment and home style Costa Rican meals. The surrounding is home to over 340 species of birds which makes it paradise for the bird watchers.



Rara Avis Rainforest Lodge offers accommodation facilities including two room riverside cabin and eight-room lodge, rustic rooms each equipped with a hot water bathtub and balcony.

Waterfall Lodge:

waterfall If you want more comfort you can stay at the Waterfall Lodge lies just 200 meters from the spectacular double waterfall at which you can enjoy swimming at the base of the waterfalls in good weather. There are basic but comfortable eight-room lodge and each of those rooms has a wrap-around balcony from where you can enjoy the beauty of the rainforest or the lowlands. Those rooms also include double bed, private bathroom, a single and one bunk or loft bed. Only in the dining room and lodge office every night for 3 to 4 hours you will get electricity facilities and can take help from the staff to recharge batteries, medical equipments or other necessary accessories.


If you are a budget travelers or a student visit the place with a group of friends you can stay at Casitas that are rustic, basic but well equipped with two room cabins with one bathroom and two bunk beds and also a small porch. Casitas are also preferred for scientist researchers and the bird watchers as these are quiet and superb site for bird watching. In total there are 3 cabins which can hold 12 person together at double occupancy and 18 at triple and 24 at quadruple occupancy.

Transportation facilities:

Between Horquetas and Rara Avis, for 15 km or 10 miles you can enjoy transportation facilities in two forms. If you go with a group you can take tractor which is available for 8 to 14 persons for $200 each way, divided among passengers traveling and it will take about 3 hours to reach the lodge. You can also reach the lodge by horseback riding and each person have to pay $35. The last 3 km or 2 miles you will have to walk through the rainforest leading to the lodge and it will take 2.5 hours on horseback riding and 1 hour on foot. You can hire ask for a private naturalist guide by paying 475 per day per group for a minimum 2 days but for enjoying this facility you will have to request while making your reservation. 


Within the boundaries of Rara Avis, several groups of plants and animals have been found through the efforts of many individuals and organizations. The total surrounding is high in its biodiversity. Over the last few years  no less than 367 species recorded and also  groups of animals such as mammals, amphibians and reptiles have received a lot of attention. 


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