Top 5 Family Resorts in Costa Rica


Today’s resorts are splurging on amenities for families.  The concept of Family Resort has gotten a recent makeover-better food, spruced-up decor, more varied activities and more friendly for families. But what really sets a family-friendly resort apart include genuinely caring staffs, friendly environment and safety. Simplicity is the genius of the all-inclusive resort, especially when you bring the kids along. Whatever time of year you wish to travel, and whether you and your family would prefer a beach front resort or hilltop one, you need to know about amenities.  Some of the family resorts in Costa Rica are better for families with toddlers, while others are better for families with older children. Family holidays are one of the best types of holidays to enjoy on an all inclusive basis. The added value and convenience allow families to manage their budgets efficiently, not only during the holiday but also after the holiday, and also to maximize the time they have away so as to ensure they get the most from their precious week or two together.

Arenas del Mar

The hotel is perched high on a seaside cliff making the views breathtaking. It is nearly impossible to capture the magic of Arenas del Mar and its people in words. The property is beautiful, the service is exceptional, and the staff  is as pleasant and friendly. Arenas del Mar is the first Costa Rican luxury hotel to be awarded the Five Sustainability Leaf Award and a Five Star Award. This carbon neutral property offers sustainable, luxurious yet family friendly lodging.

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Hilton Papagayo Costa Rica Resort & Spa

Hilton Papagayo Costa Rica Resort & Spa Located in a secluded bay on the Pacific Ocean at the Gulf of Papagayo, Guanacaste, Hilton Papagayo Costa Rica Resort & Spa is considered one of the best Family resorts in Costa Rica. The property itself is absolutely gorgeous. Rooms and common areas are sparsed from high on the promontory and pepper down to the breathtaking beach cove. Set in grounds with lush vegetation, hiking trails and breathtaking views, Hilton Papagayo Costa Rica Resort & Spa offers great family vacations.

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Lapa Rios Ecolodge

Lapa Rios, an idyllic retreat from modern life, is perfect for eco-conscious families looking to bond with each other and their natural surroundings. Lapa Rios is fomous for involving guests of all ages in its impressive sustainability programme. The 1,000-acre Lapa Rios reserve is connected through a corridor with Corcovado National Park, which has been nominated by UNESCO to be a world heritage site. The lodge is perfect for the nature lover that wants to be pampered. Everywhere you look there is a gorgeous view of the rainforest, ocean/gulf, or any of the countless species of animals whose home you are now a guest in.

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Peace Lodge and Waterfall Gardens

Hidden in a cloud forest near the Póas Volcano, The Peace Lodge has the stated goal of being the most luxurious property in Costa Rica.  The lodge sits on the grounds of La Paz Waterfall Gardens. This lodge provides you with the unique opportunity to envelope yourself in a tropical paradise of flowers, lush vegetation, butterflies, rivers, and birds.  It has a very natural feeling which is echoed from the grounds, the rooms, and the incredible waterfall hike which is not to be missed. A variety of distinctive rooms and villas accommodate families of all sizes.

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Shaka Beach Retreat

Shaka Beach Retreat, a premier surf camp Costa Rica, is a private tropical haven nestled in lush jungle surroundings, home to a diverse array of monkeys, birds, plants, and native fruit trees. It’s is your perfect solution for a hassle-free tropical family escape. The best part is the family ethos of the place. You feel so welcome. The atmosphere at the camp is very comfortable and you would really felt a part of this laid back Costa Rican town.

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