Villas Langosta


The Villas Langosta is located just outside the town of Tamarindo that has ushered in cute cafes, mouthwatering restaurants, and savvy tour providers. While staying at the hotel you can visit the nearby Playa Grande and also other oceanic endeavors and enjoy surfing, sport fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling. If you are a nature lover, you can visit Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge which is a 1,000-acre (400-ha) collection of forests, mangroves and estuaries and you will love to explore the beauty of this area.  This villas is small, quiet and very secure and here you can get completely relaxed and enjoy amazing Pacific sunsets and also beach activities.


Langosta-villas-accommodati The Villas Langosta is ideal for families and groups. This hotel offers accommodations with beds spread across two bedrooms and one fold out couch and in total can accommodate six people. You will find the master bedroom featured with a queen size bed and a large Jacuzzi bathtub and the second bedroom include two twin beds and high ceiling. In the living room there is a convertible sofa. This living room is opens (via large sliding glass doors) onto a patio and very comfortable.  This hotel also has wireless internet connection and it will allow you to stay connected to your family at home. The accommodation facilities also include a cable TV and DVD player for  your entertainment needs. There is a well stocked kitchen with amenities and cookware, including a refrigerator and freezer, microwave, stove, blender, toaster and coffee maker.

Each unit of the Villas Langosta is decorated tastefully and include all the amenities you need for a comfortable vacation. Here you will meet friendly staff and hospitable. The grounds are very immaculate and the pool is shimmering.


If you go for day activities be sure to be back by 5:00 PM so that you don’t miss Hans the German baker that drives up with his truck and these baked goods are cheap but incredibly fresh. If you want to enjoy fresh sea food, you can go to a local fisherman that  just caught fresh lobster and would love to sell it to you than carry it home. You can also walk to market 50 yards up the road and buy just about anything you want including wine, beer, fresh fruits, and vegetables. For enjoying delicious dishes you can also go to the  outstanding restaurants of the area.



Villas Langosta
Call: (720) 530-1122



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