5 places to own a vacation home in Costa Rica

La Fortuna

Costa Rica is more than a travel destination. With its rich biodiversity, flora and fauna, this country attract many tourists each year from all around the world. There are many first time visitors who fall in love after traveling this country and many travelers got settled by buying a land and many also developed different types of retreats. There are also many tourists who want to spend some time of the year in this country and for a longer time stay the better option is to have a vacation home that they can inhabit for as little or a much time as they like. Travelers who are serious about buying property in Costa Rica, they can visit first and look around at the different options. Travelers who are hippy type, they will love the area of Santa Teresa or MalPais on the Nicoya Peninsula and laid-back beach bums will like a place in Esterillos Este. Super upscale types will probably prefer the area of Guanacaste region. Tourists who love mountain landscape rather than the beach, they can choose the hilly, lakeside community of Nuevo Arenal that can be reached by a short drive from La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano. Here goes 5 places to own a vacation home in Costa Rica:

Esterillos Este:

Situated between the crowded beach towns of Jaco and Manuel Antonio, Esterillos Este is a veritable no man’s land. This is one of those places where you can drive by 20 time and never realize it existed. This area is super chill and largely undeveloped. People who want to enjoy tranquil time close to the nature, they can choose this place and build or buy vacation home. You can reach Esterillos by either north or south from Highway 34 (Costanera Sur). Within 20 minutes south of Playa Hermosa, Playa Esterillos is a great place for those who are seeking soothing ocean breezes and plenty of sunshine and shade.

Malpais/Santa Teresa:

The quiet surf village of Malpais is an ideal location for the travelers who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of more crowded destinations. In this place you can enjoy close to the incredible natural surroundings and can also have everything you want. The only setbacks are the heat and the dust. In Malpais, for the most part, beaches have been sparred of development. In the areas to the north, around the beaches of Santa Teresa, development has largely taken place. Travelers who want to stay in Costa Rica and to stay in a secluded place as well as want to have all the necessary things for complete comfort, they can rent or buy a property in this area.

Nuevo Arenal:

Located just thirty minutes from the popular town of Tilaran and nestled near the base of the Arenal Volcano, Nuevo Arenal is surrounded by amazing natural beauty. In this seldom-visited area of Costa Rica, property values are reasonable and community is strong. For those who want to own a vacation home on a mountainous landscape and also want to have easy access to the town, they can buy a property here. Natural beauty and proximity to the Arenal Volcano are big selling points. Within hours the travelers can also reach the beach and there are also enormous lake next door that is a pretty good consolation prize.

Papagayo Peninsula:

This Peninsula has exclusive collection of private residences and custom estate sited for those who want to have their own vacation home and enjoy a way of life that exists nowhere else. This land appeals to the kind of person who have million in the bank, a willingness to part with a large chunk of it, and an adventurous streak. Country club enthusiasts, Golfers and Sport fishermen who tend to populate the exclusive mansions on this peninsula, they can buy a vacation home here and also can enjoy zip around each day in golf carts.

Playa Danta:

The developers of the new Las Catalinas development want to integrate interesting local businesses into the 2,000-home project and they also develop a carless space where people want to hang out year-round. This community also has a beach bar ‘Lola’s Norte that offers cold beverages, smoothies and good food. This property also own a guarded parking lot and if you spend at least $20 at either establishment, you can park for free.


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