Top 10 stops for the first-timers in Costa Rica


With its rich biodiversity and variable climate, Costa Rica is a perfect destination fore enjoying a memorable vacation. This country offers a multitude of travel destinations to explore and enjoy. People who are planning for a vacation in Costa Rica but don’t have knowledge about the famous places to visit, they can keep in mind the following spots to visit. There are volcanoes, a lot of beaches, rainforests which are the home to different species of colorful birds and wild animals and there are also many retreat centers which offer a variety of packages including health retreat, adventure and fun activities as well as honeymoon packages and many more. There are so many things to see and enjoy that many travelers find it hardest part of planning a trip is to decide where to go and what to do. Here goes top 10 stops for the first-timers in Costa Rica:

Arenal Volcano:

Located in the district of La Fortuna, Alajuela, it is currently the center of attraction in the heart of the Arenal Volcano National Park. In the national park the first time visitors can enjoy a number of excellent trails. They can also visit natural hot springs of the region. Nearby the towns such as El Castillo and La Fortuna there are different hot springs. With a height of approximately 5,300 ft., this Arenal volcano can easily be seen from many of the accommodations of the surrounding area.

Cerro Chirripó:

Cerro Chirripo is the lofty heights of Costa Rica. From this highest peak, you can bask in panoramic views of both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It overlooks amazing Chirripo national park from 3820m above sea level. The only way to reach the peak is by foot. From such lofty heights, literally above the clouds, you can enjoy amazing sunrise view. The climate is basically divided into the dry season which lasts from December to April and a wet season which lasts from May to November.

Manuel Antonio:

In Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the most popular national parks that is a perfect place to visit for the first time visitors. In this park you can see almost all types of monkeys bouncing from trees to trees throughout the forest canopy. You can also enjoy some tranquil time along palm-fringed shores.

Monteverde and Santa Elena:

With its iconic cloud forests, the neighboring towns of Monteverde and Santa Elena are the birthplace of the ecotourism movement of Costa Rica. This place is ideal for enjoying trekking at high altitudes and also searching for rare resplendent quetzals. Everyone from budget backpackers to well-heeled retirees, the cloud forests around Monteverde and Santa Elena, are premier destinations to visit.


Montezuma is situated in the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. It is one of the most popular out-of-the-way beaches, especially to a younger or more adventurous crowd wanting to avoid mega resorts and traffic. While staying at this area, the first time visitors will find a thick blend of locals, ethnicity, culture and flavor. Montezuma is the place where place where no boundaries seem to exist and no detail is left unnoticed.

Playa Sámara:

With its white sand, Playa Samara lies between string of trendy restaurants and cafes and gently rolling turquoise seas. First time visitors who are going to visit Costa Rica for enjoying a quiet retreat, they will find Samara as an ideal destination. the city of Samara was formerly known as a thriving fishing and farming village and used to be a well-kept secret among the upper class living in the area. But day by day for its long, pristine and pure white sands and warm blue waters of the Pacific, it has become more visited by locals and foreigners alike.

Puerto Viejo:

Puerto Viejo is a small coastal town, situated in the province of Limon, in Caribbean, Costa Rica. First time visitors especially the surfers and backpackers will find this place perfect. Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is more than a tourist spot as it is not just a beautiful place with white-sand beaches and exotic flora and fauna, it is also a melting point of several Costa Rican cultural influences. You can also visit two national parks nearby-Cahuita and Manzanillo and there enjoy a variety of adventure and fun activities.

Santa Teresa & Mal País:

Situated in the south of the Nicoya Peninsula, almost at the tip, in north of the Puntarenas province, Santa Teresa is a tiny beach village. This area is often described as ‘Paradise’. Santa Teresa is just next door to the south is Mal Pais a bit more spread out with long beaches and reefs. Mal Pais is quickly becoming more and more famous not just for surfing but also for plenty of options to enjoy a variety of adventure and fun activities.

Tortuguero National Park:

Deriving its name from turtles, the Tortuguero National Park is a home for 2,000 nesting green turtles. Known for its meandering rivers and lovely lagoons, this area is one of the unrivaled eco-destinations in Costa Rica. This national park is about 19,000 hectares area. Over 22 miles of beach strip from the Tortuguero river mouth to Parisimina is protected by this park. This park is a home to 300 different species of birds, 60 species of mammals, 170 species of reptiles and amphibians as well.


Turrialba is known for its lush rainforests and eclectic mix of local farmers, organic farmers, rainforest lovers, boutiques nature resorts and many more. Though this area doesn’t have major volcano, scuba diving spot and white sand beaches, yet its an ideal spot with its raw beauty. This tiny town is located in the Central Valley that doesn’t include much on the map but in the surrounding area but in the whole Central America, it is a place where you can enjoy some amazing white-water rafting.

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