Descriptions of the many types of mammals native to Costa Rica.


Common name: Fox Type: Animal Family: Canidae Range: Among most of the species those referred to as fox, the red fox is treated as the one as wide spread one compared to others. All these species can be easily found on almost every continent. These foxes are available in the European and American countries in […]

Blue Whale

Common name: Blue Whale Type: Mamal Family: Balaenopteridae Range: When you consider about the range of this Blue Whale, it normally resides in Ocean throughout the world. You can see this marine mammal in the Southern Ocean, Indian Ocean, North Pacific and North Atlantic Ocean. The largest population of Blue Whales was normally in the […]



Common name: Agouti Type: Little rodents/Mammals Family: Dasyproctidae Range: The Agouti is ranging from the places of southern Mexico including the Yucatan Peninsula and the Chiapas. It also ranges through the places in Central America including the Costa Rica to northwestern Colombia, Ecuador and far western Venezuela. In the southeastern Peru, the highly distinct population […]


Common Name: Tigrillo, is also known as Oncillas Type: Mammal Family: Felidae Range: The wild smallest cat of Costa Rica, Tigrillo or Oncilla is the exceptional and rare. This species can be found in the higher elevations in cloud forests of Costa Rica. It usually lives above 3000 meters. They have been also found in […]


Common Name: Tayra Type: Mammal Family: Mustelidae Range: Tayra is a solitary mammal who prefers to live in the green forest, but live in dry forests also; they survive below elevations of 1,200 minimum. They live hollow trees, burrows or logs built by other animals. It can be found in the tropical forests from southern […]

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