Fox in Costa Rica

Common name: Fox

Type: Animal

Family: Canidae

Range: Among most of the species those referred to as fox, the red fox is treated as the one as wide spread one compared to others. All these species can be easily found on almost every continent. These foxes are available in the European and American countries in a wider way and especially in the Central American countries. You can even see them in the forests of Costa Rica at the time of your trip.
When you consider about the foxes, they are normally known for their cunning and the contributed appearance in the case of folklore and the popular culture in regard for many societies around the world. The hunting of foxes is treated as the long established one in the British Isles and the Europe and the packs of hounds could be exported from the various parts of the world

Size: The height of the fox including the head and body would be 22 to 25 inches and it has the tail with a length of 14 to 16 inches. When you consider about the weight, male foxes are around 5.9kg (13 lb) and are known as Reynards. The Female foxes called Vixens would probably weigh around 5.2kg (11.5 lb)

Diet: Since these foxes are omnivorous one, they normally prefer to eat food as largely made up of small mammals, invertebrates, reptiles including the snakes, eggs, grasses, amphibians, insects, scorpions, fish, dung beetles, berries, birds, fruit and all other kinds of small animals according to their needs and capacity to fight with them. Most of the species of foxes are treated as the generalist predators and some of them are more specialist one
When you consider about the foxes, they normally consume around 1kg of food every day for their survival. Most of the time foxes cache excess food for their future consumption and they would bury food under the leaves, soil or snow.

Average lifespan: The lifespan of these foxes would be normally 14 years in the wild, but due to hunting and other diseases most foxes would live only around 3 years. It can also be evident that, they can usually live in the captivity for 20 years
Habitat: When you consider about these foxes, they normally don’t live together as a pack. But, typically you can see them living in small groups and as an opportunistic feeder to feed their young with live prey. They normally kill their prey quickly using the punching technique they learn in the childhood. They are not kept as the indoor pets normally because of their character.

Breeding/Reproduction: The foxes would probably meet their mates at the time of mating season, even though they are not living as the pack. If a fox meets his or her mate in the first year, then it would probably continue to share the breeding life together until one die. They normally breed in the season of December and January, which could be the springtime. They also often meet for their social interaction, for sharing food and also for grooming, which is normally different from other animals.

In the mating period, the male helps for the female to come up with young one by the sticking. At the time, the female can give birth to 4 to 5 young foxes and are called as the kites. The gestation period of these foxes would be around 53 days.

When you go through the appearance of a fox, it normally appears with the distinctive muzzle and the bushy tail that would probably make you analyze about it as separate from the normal dogs. The physical characteristics of dogs may be varied depending on the habitat of the particular species. If you consider about the foxes who have adapted their life in the places like desert would probably have short fur and large ears. The foxes, which you can find in the Arctic region, would be available with the thick and insulating fur and also the tiny ears. There are also foxes with a tail as ending with white marking and the litter sizes of them may be varied according to the environment and species type.

Since foxes are extremely wary about humans, they are not kept as indoor pets usually and some selective species can be used as indoor pets after the long research about the breeding program. When you go for the selective breeding of foxes, it would probably make them appear with the best and efficient physical and behavioral traits as the one you can see in the dogs, cats and other domestic animals. Foxes are normally gathering the foods as ranging from the berries, grasshoppers and fruits as their food. There are also some foxes known as the special species to climb trees. You can see these kinds of foxes in the forests and river areas around the forests of Costa Rica. They canbe seen in Braulio Carrillo National Park, Chirripo National Park, Juan Castro Bianco National Park, Monteverde Cloud Forrest Reserve, Poas Volcano National Park and Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve.
At the time of mating season, the male would probably try to do all the things in order to interact the female and if he finds any other male trying for her spouse, then they both go to the battle. Because of this reason, it is becoming as a difficult task for younger males to find out their mate because of the older males domination. When you consider about the kites, they are normally born and brought up in a den and they behave like rude for the first week. Usually they are both deaf and blind at birth and hence they are in need to go with the little warmth of his or her mother. Initially they eat food and a little milk with the help of mother and they would probably ready to hunt for their food by their own normally at the summer time.
When you have decided to go for the trip around the places of Central America that too in the Costa Rica, then it would be better to know about all the species available there to have the nice trip. You can see these foxes in the nationalized parks of Costa Rica as they are playing and playing with their mate.

If you select with the right time, then you can enjoy the trip with your family members and friends as the best.

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