Leisure Tours in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica has much to offer for everyone. There are many people who want to escape away from the daily busy life and enjoy a memorable leisure tour. Costa Rica is a great place for getting rejuvenated, refreshed and recharged. There are many ways you can spend some memorable time but need not take any kind of stretch. Exploration doesn’t need to be exhausting always rather you can choose some leisure tours to make your vacation memorable. You can go for a sunset cruise, boat trip, sailing, an aerial tram trip or walk along a rainforest and enjoy bird watching as well as other wild animals. You can also walk on a suspension bridge, or an afternoon soaking in a volcanic hot spring. Many hotels and lodges also offers yoga retreats, Permaculture programs, spa services that can also make your vacation more peaceful. There are over 300 beaches and some are great destinations for a quiet afternoon of exploration and reflection. There are also many other relaxing ways to experience Costa Rica’s diverse beauty. Here goes some leisure tours to choose from:

Boat Tour:

In Costa Rica there are some wonderful places which can only be reached by boat. If you go for a boat tour, you can enjoy access a score of such remote places across the rivers, oceans and through estuaries. During this trip, you can also enjoy fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming or sunbath. You can also hike along an island’s jungle trails and spot a variety of birds or mammals. With the help of an expert guide, you can also know about the area. Many boat tours also include meals and other necessary equipment.

Catamaran Tours:

Leisure tour lovers can go for a Catamaran sailing tour and enjoy sailing silently across the ocean. While the catamaran will pass remote islands and rocky coastlines, calm bays and towering cliffs, you will enjoy exploring the natural beauty of those areas. You can also get the opportunity to snorkel above colorful reefs, lounge along secluded beaches and enjoy some tranquil time. You can also enjoy paddle kayaks through picturesque caves. Some Catamaran tours also include snacks and drinks during the tours. You can choose from both morning and afternoon trips according to your interest but if you go for afternoon sailing trip, you might get the opportunity to enjoy watching an amazing sunset view.


Freshwater fishing excursion is another leisure activity you can enjoy. These excursions plumb the depths of Lake Arenal, the banks of Río Frío, and the estuaries along the Caribbean for a range of impressive native fish. You can take help from the local guides who will help you to visit the sight where you can get more fish. You can catch tilapia, machacas, snook and also many other fish species. You can choose either half day or full day tour some which also include snacks and refreshments for guests.

Hot Springs:

With its rich biodiversity, Costa Rica has a lumber of volcanoes and dotted with thermal hot springs which are different in size, shape and temperature imaginable. Some of the hot springs are luxurious and allow the guests to sip a martini at a wet bar or unwind in a private heated nook. Some are a bit more playful and provides a sampling of water slides and deep pools where you can enjoy some relaxed time. Some of the hot spring tours also include many other activities like horseback riding, hanging bridge tours, mud baths and many more.

Safari Float Tours:

If you go for a Safari Float Tour, you will get a leisurely way to enjoy the waterways of Costa Rica. You will be guided by a naturalist guide and will also have all the necessary equipment. During this trip you will also get the unique opportunity to spot a variety of creatures such as sloths, monkeys, crocodiles and over 300 species of tropical birds.

Suspension Bridge Tours:

Nature lovers will love this tours. Suspension bridges are spread across the forest canopy, revealing the complex ecosystems emerging both at the tree tops and in the valleys below. You will find these bridges in different sizes which are constructed safely and smartly so that the travelers can enjoy amazing beauty of the rainforest comfortably. Some of the best suspension bridges are in Arenal, Monteverde and Caribbean areas.

Tram Tours:

For enjoying some of the most unique and unobstructed views of the forest canopy in all of the country, you can choose tram rides. Trams are open-air gondolas which are designed to hold four to six people and ascend silently and smoothly above the treetops. You can also be accompanied by a naturalist guide onboard who will help you to spot different species of wild animals and birds. Tram Tours sometimes also include other activities like zip-line tours, and hanging bridge trips. Some of the best tram tours you can enjoy in Arenal, Jaco, Monteverde, Limon and Guapiles.

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