Rainforest tours in Costa Rica


Costa Rica is an amazing place to visit for the nature lovers and wild life lovers. With its lush and verdant rainforest, it is home to different species of wildlife including mammals, insects, fish, reptiles, amphibians and so many different species of colorful birds. To enjoy exploring the rich biodiversity, flora and fauna, it is better to go for a rainforest tour with the help of an expert guide who can lead in the right way and help to spot different species of the rainforest. Nature lovers can enjoy visiting the wet forest of the Tortuguero National Park or can trekking around the Manuel Antonio National Park. If you want to see the last remaining tropical primary rainforest and lowland, you can go to the Corcovado National Park. Adventure lovers can also go for a tour to the Monteverde Cloud Forest and enjoy a thrilling hiking throughout the forest. Rainforest tours in Costa Rica come in a variety of forms. If you go for rainforest tour, you can enjoy variety of activities such as hiking, canopy zipline, horseback riding, canopy ziplines and many more. You can go to the Isle Damas and there enjoy canoeing, kayaking and safari float trips. You can enjoy whitewater rafting through the untouched wilderness and can also spot different species of colorful birds. Tropical Rainforests are often referred as ‘jewels of the earth’ and those are perfect destination to discover the magnificent world within.

Rain Forest Trekking Tour:

If you go for all day trekking tour, you can get the opportunity to explore the natural wonders of the rainforest. You can go for a tour to the Baulio Carrillo National Park that will both entertain and educate as you travel along the mountain trails as well as hike through the primary forest.

Rain Forest Canopy Tour:

To explore the amazing beauty of the rainforest and its wildlife, one of the best ways is a high-flying, exhilarating canopy tour. This tour will allow you to experience the natural wonder and several exciting activities that the country is known for. You will experience a thrilling adventure while flying safely across the forest canopy, high above the magnificent Molinete River. You will be guided by experienced guides who will ensure you enjoy a safe and satisfying tour. While walking along a well-maintained forest trail that will allow you to immerse yourself in the vibrancy of the rainforest. You can enjoy this tour with your family or a group of friends.

Bird Watching Tour:

With its rich bio-diversity, Costa Rica is considered as one of the world’s premier bird watching site and over 870 bird species recorded in this country among which roughly 600 species are permanent residents. If you go for rainforest tour to dierent reserves of the country, you can enjoy watching different species of colorful birds. In Costa Rica for enjoying bird watching, the Transitional Tropical Rainforest is ideal that is home to native birds including warblers, tanagers, toucans, euphoni, scarlet macaws and many more.

Suspension Bridges:

If you want to enjoy more adventure, you can choose the rainforest tour that employ suspension bridges which are a fun way to enjoy exploring the beauty of the rainforest from a close view. From the suspension bridges you will get the opportunity to spot different species of wild animals and take pictures. These bridges are also better option to get a glimpse of the different types of bird species.

Walks in the Rainforest:

Before going for a rainforest tour, you have to decide, whether you want to enjoy exploring the rainforest as it is or you want to enjoy some adventure with it. If you want to enjoy explore the rainforests of Cost Rica in a healthiest way, you can go for a walk along the rainforest that will also allow you to learn a lot from the expedition. With the help of an expert guide, you can spot different deadly reptiles within the environs of the Rainforest like the fer-de-lance snakes.

Night Hikes:

You can go for night hike to explore many of Costa Rica’s hidden treasures. If you go for a Night Hike tour along the rainforest and with an expert guide, you can enjoy watching some wild creatures which come out only at night. During this tour you will have to take hiking shoes, light rain jacket, mosquito repellent and long pant and if you want to capture photos, take your camera also. For enjoying night hike one of the most popular hiking areas in Costa Rica is the Monteverde Biological Cloud Forest Reserve.

Sky Tram:

Some rainforest tours also include Sky Tram trip that are ideal for those who want to take an excursion over the rain forest of Costa Rica. When you will sit in the cabin like structures and move around the forest quietly, you will enjoy the charming view of the Rainforest tree tops.

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