10 Amazing Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica

People-doing-Yoga-at-Anamay If you are having hard time to plan your next vacation, we have got the perfect solution for you. In Costa Rica, there are some amazing Yoga Retreats which you can visit to light up your vacation spiritually.

1. Anamaya Yoga

People-doing-Yoga-at-Anamay An exotic place to enjoy Yoga to the fullest can be Anamaya Resort. Here you will have your Yoga classes amidst the oceanic views and truly wonderful nature. The scenery are just wonderful. You will get Yoga classes daily along with Spa services. You will get organic foods with organic chicken options. Yoga classes are undertaken by gurus as a part of 4-week program. That makes 200 hours of classes to teach you basics of Yoga. Each teacher is specially trained in one area to help the students master that art to the fullest. The surroundings are peaceful, clean, beautiful and inviting. The sunrises and sunsets are amazing from the hilltop vista. Every aspect of Anamaya is perfectly tailored to the needs of every individual guest. The real stand outs about Anamaya are the people and the food. Visit Anamaya today and learn the true art of Yoga.

Website: Anamaya

2. Danyasa

Bamboo Yoga play If you are planning to take the next Yoga lesson near the mountains and rain forests of Costa Rica, there is a perfect place up my sleeves for you. You can visit Dominical’s Danyasa, formally known as “Bamboo Yoga Play” just a mere two minutes drive from the beach. The Yoga Retreat there will teach you how to live artfully when you will learn healing yoga. Combine dance, writing, visual arts and other aspects of human life with Yoga and see the magic unfold. Danyasa is here to provide you a wonderful experience and indeed a great start to the summer that you are having.

Website: Danyasa.com

3. Blue Spirit

Woman-practicing-Yoga-at-Blue Spirit You can even choose Blue Spirit as it is one of the premiere Yoga Retreat centers in Costa Rica. A pleasing environment, personal training and spiritual wellness are the three mottos of this paradise-like resort located in Nosara, Costa Rica. You will get a teacher assigned to you to teach you Yoga along with the standard retreat. Along with the standard facilities, you will be getting vegetarian cuisine and salt-water pools. The vacations will never be the same again with excursions and learning classes with Omega Institute. You will get comfortable accommodation with holistic spa services.

Website: Blue Spirit

4. Luna Lodge

Lana-and-Amed-practicing-Yo Luna Lodge is a bio-diverse, self contained, well managed Ecolodge , secluded in the tropical rain forest bordering nestled close to the Corcovado National Park, in the pristine Osa Peninsula. This Eco Lodge was opened in 2000 and since then it  has been recognized internationally. This lodge features a rustically elegant Retreat Center with over 1600 square feet of covered open-air space which can accommodate a large group who want to  a range of therapeutic activities like aromatherapy, Tai Chi, Yoga and massage therapy. If you want to  participate in one of several Yoga or other retreats or if you are a yoga instructor and want to go with your group’s retreat you can Luna Lodge is perfect for you.

Website: Luna Lodge

5. Montezuma Yoga

Women-with-surfing-board-at Montezuma Yoga retreat can be a great place for all you Yoga lovers. The people over there have 12 years of experience of doing Yoga. So, it will help immensely. The locations that the authorities of Montezuma select are according to the user preferences and courses are done on the basis of day to day set ups. This will help whenever coordination is needed and they arrange everything locally. That takes the “Worry” part away from your workout. Different yoga packages are on offer and you can choose the one which is the most convenient for you and your family.

Website: Montezuma Yoga

6. Nosara Yoga Institute

Nosara-Yoga-Institute Nosara Yoga institute especially recognized for its professional career training in yoga education. This institute frequently offers yoga retreats which are guided by experienced Yoga instructors. It arranges the yoga sessions in the place  surrounded by the magic of lush jungle and beach. It also offers yoga teacher training and certifications. internationally-acclaimed yoga teachers and founders of the Institute Amba and Don Stapleton help the practitioners of the training program to develop personal yoga practice and also guide the yoga teachers or instructors. For a rejuvenating, life transforming experience of learning and practicing yoga, Nosara Yoga Institute is world-renowned and most visited by the tourists.

Website: Nosara Yoga Institute

7. PachaMama

Woman-doing-Yoga-at-PachaMa Another interesting experience can be attained at PachaMama Yoga Retreat center in Costa Rica. This small village provides you with the perfect atmosphere of Yoga and meditation. With a healthy diet, you will be experiencing combined approach of Yoga and meditation in PachaMama village which will keep you in great shape. If you are looking for courses and classes upon Yoga, you are at the right place. Cleansing, juicing and detoxification are few services that PachaMama offers to all those who are interested in Yoga to keep their skin fresh. Your physical and spiritual growth will find a new meaning.

Website: PachaMama

8. Pranamar Villas and Yoga Retreat

Pranamar-Villas-and-Yoga-Re Pranamar Villas and Yoga Retreat is a place which can be great for all you Yoga Lovers. This facility is a bar and other facilities which you can take note of. It also has 10 rooms. You will get great suits to reside in and there is a beach which will charm you up. Free internet, restaurant, kitchenette and swimming pool are just few of the many amenities that you will get. Be prepared to lose yourselves in the ocean and enjoy the superlative organic food from the hotel. Trust me, sea breeze will charm you and make you feel heavenly.

Website: Pranamar Villas and Yoga Retreat

9. Pura Vida Spa and Yoga Retreat

Pura-Vida Pura Vida Spa and Yoga Retreat is another place one can visit to pursue spiritual wellness. This facility has lodging opportunities with high-speed internet, hotel, well furnished rooms, bar, swimming pool and restaurant. You will be amidst rain forest and beautiful wildlife. 51 rooms are well organized and ready to serve any needs that you may have. The cuisine of this area is something to speak about. Just have a few hours of drive and enjoy the environmental beauty as well as availing spiritual wellness. If you are looking forward to a place for holding your business meetings, this can be the perfect one.

Website: Pura Vida Spa and Yoga Retreat

10. Samasati Nature Retreats

Woman-practicing-yoga-Samas Samasati Nature Retreats is another present from me to the Yoga lovers. It presents you a virgin rain forest in the Caribbean set-up. The authorities take care of your privacy needs and also will provide you the permission to visit nearby attractions surrounding the lodge itself. It blends well within the eastern culture very well. There are a number of tours to choose from besides the Yoga activity. You can go on Bird-Watching tours, Caribbean hiking and many more. If you want to have your own customized Yoga sessions and tours, you can opt for Tailor-made activities as well.

Website: Samasati Nature Retreats

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