Scenic Farmlands of Costa Rica

Costa Rica's mountains have some of the world's most beautiful farms

Costa Rica is famous for its beaches and rainforests, but between the two lie some of the prettiest farms in the world. Costa Ricans have an authentic cowboy culture, and for hundreds of years the people here used horses to get from place to place.

In most of Costa Rica, you will find farms, from a few acres to many thousands of acres, many with cattle. In the hotter/drier regions such as Guanacaste or the Southern Nicoya Peninsula, the majority of the cows are a cross between cows from Spain, and those from India, which makes them drought tolerant. They also have giant floppy ears, are very gentle, and some have a large humps on their back.

At one time, most of these farms were covered by giant trees, but they were cleared to make way for the farms. In many areas, the trees are making a comeback, and many farmers take pride when they have large tracts of virgin forest on their properties. These jungle regions will be filled with monkeys, pizotes, and the occasional jaguar and anteater.

The most beautiful farms in the country may be in Monteverde, where many farmers have left huge trees, covered with vines, standing here and there in the farms to create shade for their livestock. They are just phenomenally beautiful and one wonders why they haven’t been used for a set in Hollywood movies yet.

Costa Rica’s beautiful farms also produce a tremendous amount of vegetables and fruits for the country. Organic produce has taken off as well, and can be found in farmers markets around the country. Costa Ricans are profoundly family oriented and the idea of toxin-free food naturally appeals to many. The excellent quality of the fruits and vegetables is one reason why most travelers who visit find the restaurant food to be so great tasting.

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