5 exotic places to stay in Santa Teresa


Looking for a place to get your mind off things? Away from the worries of your everyday life? The stress of work? Or even just to get lost for a few days? Santa Teresa is the place to be, a beach paradise that is progressing rapidly. You’ll be entwined with the beauty of this place which would make you come back more often. Among these beautiful attractions are surf spots, beautiful sunsets, the beach, the people, and the experience. To get you to pack your bags, book a ticket, and leave going to this place, here are five great places to stay in Santa Teresa not ranked in particular order.

Funky Monkey Lodge

Santa Teresa Funky Monkey Bungalows This place is a home to monkeys which can be found in your very own back yard. One thing that makes this place inviting is the people have a choice if they prefer the modern designed rooms, or the funky jungle bungalows. This place is also equipped with high speed internet, good for groups, barbecues, and other recreational activities for solo travelers, couples, friends, or families. A budget friendly place you can stay, but doesn’t take away the quality of service, the hospitality of the staff, and of course, the bliss of the experience.

Website: Funky Monkey Lodge
Santa Teresa, Costa Rica 200m north of soccer field 130
east of surf shop – CENTER of Santa Teresa
Tel: (506) 2640 0272
Fax: (506) 2640 0317
Email: office@funky-monkey-lodge.com
From US and UK dial      011 506 6400272
From Europe and Latin America  dial  00 506 6400272

Casas de Soleil

Casas de Soleil With easy access to the beach and town center, Casas de Soleil is one of the formidable places to be. Casas de Soleil prides itself with it’s Costa Rican experience which will linger in the memories of the people who have visited such paradise. With strategically located villas and amenities desired by people, this is one of the sought after places in Santa Teresa. The icing on the cake, Casas de Soleil offers abundant vacation packages and activities such as hose back riding, canopy tours, ATV, golf, sailing, and the most famous, surfing, and yoga. If You are the adventurous type, you are sure to love this place.

Website: Casas de Soleil
tel: +011  (506)  2 640 0740
u.s  001 (970) 449 9540
email: info@casasdesoleil.com

Hotel Buenos Aires

Hotel Buenos Aires Aside from the pet friendly environment, the high speed internet, the access to the beach, and a whole lot more services, Hotel Buenos Aires is a sight to be visited. Located in the heart of Santa Teresa, this paradise caters to the many tourists who’d like to explore the beauty of what they call “the 180 degree ocean view”. Spacious rooms that would surely make your experience much more memorable. The lounge area has a hammock and chairs facing the ocean good for relaxing, reading a book, or just enjoying the waves of the ocean. Hotel Buenos Aires is a refuge for travellers, young or old.

Website: Hotel Buenos AiresSanta Teresa, Mal Pais, Costa Rica
Phone:  (506) 2640.0254
Skype: bairesmalpais
email: bairesmalpais@yahoo.com

Hotel Meli Melo

hotel meli melo Hotel Meli Melo spells bed and breakfast in Santa Teresa, a cozy place with access to the supermarket, restaurants, and other establishments nearby. Cozy rooms, a private bathroom, and a kitchen are some of the amenities that this place can offer you. Surfboards, bikes, and other outdoor equipment are available to enhance the traveler in you. Definitely a paradise for people who like to do things their way.

Website: Hotel Meli Melo
Hotel Meli Melo, 500 meters north of the soccer field, Playa Santa Teresa,
 Península de Nicoya, Costa Rica
Tel: +50626400575
Email: info@hotelmelimelo.com

Blue Surf Sanctuary

blue surf sanctuary Blue Surf Sanctuary is a hotel, boutique, and a surf school. If you are looking to learn the techniques in playing with waves this is the place to be. An eco friendly tourist spot where they make use of organic soaps to also instill consciousness in preserving the environment, they offer a 4 type bungalow place to stay with a kitchen to make your stay worthwhile. Aside from surf lessons, Blue Surf Sanctuary offers other outdoor experiences like horse back riding, fishing, bird watching and more. This homey place is most likely to be one of the spots that would make Santa Teresa close to your heart.

Website: Blue Surf Sanctuary
U.S. Toll Free: 855 2 SURF CR
Costa Rica: 011-506-2640-1001

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