Alajuela Province

The third waterfall on the hike to see "El Silencio" in Alajuela Province of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most visited places in the world and many tourists come every year to be stunned by the natural beauty and biological reserves present within the country. Alajuela is the second largest province of Costa Rica in terms of population while it has a warmer climate than other regions. The neighboring province San Jose leads Alajuela in terms of development, but the calm and unhurriedness which prevails over Alajuela soothes and settles the nerves of tourists.

Famous Tourist Attractions in Alajuela Province

There are many such locations which are visited a lot by the tourists within San Jose due to their historical background or natural beauty.

Alajuela is another province of Costa Rica which is enriched with many historic landmarks and national parks. Yet, the two most famous and the most visited locations within Alajuela include Arena Natura Ecological Park and Venado caves. Both are very popular tourist attractions.

The Arenal Natura Ecological Park contains all types of habitats and many exotic animals are found here in the jungles. Reptiles, frogs, birds and mammals… all are present here and it’s very popular due to its presence within the tropical rainforest.

The Venado Caves are an excellent collection of caves and people who crave adventure can truly enjoy themselves here. There’s a good possibility of getting wet and dirty when entering these caves; however the thrill makes it irresistible for many tourists.

Why Tourists like visiting Alajuela Province

There are a number of locations which attract the attention of tourists within Alajuela province. The province is rich in natural parks, animal habitat, adventure parks, caves, volcanoes, tropical rain forests and exotic lakes. All these things combine to make Alajuela an excellent place to spend your holidays. Even though Alajuela isn’t the most developed part of Costa Rica, it has all the necessary items to attract the attention of tourists with its natural charm and beauty.

So, if you decide to visit, you will need some accommodations, and you will find all kinds of hotels, eco-lodges and rental villas to choose from.

One of the best hotels in Alajuela Province is the Arenal Nayara Hotel and Gardens.

However, if you like rental villas more than hotels then you can choose the Arenal Springs Villas by the Lake.

If you like eco lodges more than hotels and rental villas then you could choose Tacacori Eco Lodge.

There are many great things to do when visiting Alajuela Province, and three of the best attractions are:

If you ever get the chance to visit the Alajuela area, you will have plenty of things to see and do.


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