All Inclusive Packages for a Relaxing Costa Rica Vacation

All-inclusive package: Your ticket to the perfect getaway

A photo from the master suite from the balcony at all-inclusive yoga retreat center Anamaya, in Montezuma, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an exotic place blessed with lush and extensive forests and a gorgeous coastline. It’s truly a tropical paradise and can be considered as an eco-tourism destination, perfect for rest and relaxation for families, couples and group of friends.

There’s tons to do in Costa Rica and visitors will be constantly amazed with Costa Rica. You can start off with a wonderful and awe-inspiring tour of the country’s exotic sites, including one of dozens of Costa Rica’s national parks. Aside from enjoying crystal-clear waters, the country is also a haven for adventure-seekers, surfers and nature lovers. To maximize your visit and truly enjoy your vacation, an all-inclusive booking to a resort hotel is the best choice for those who want a hassle-free vacation. Just make sure to pick the right one!

Advantages of all-inclusive packages

All-inclusive resorts offer great value for your money. This is becoming an increasingly popular way to book a vacation because it affords the traveller a hassle-free trip, because the hotel or resort takes care of everything the guests would need. All-inclusive packages may include the following:

• Round trip flight arrangements
• Accommodation to a hotel or resort
• Airport pick-up and drop off service
• Welcome package that usually includes cocktails or choices of exotic fruits
• Buffets and open bars
• Meal services for breakfast, lunch and dinner
• Access to bars and live entertainment in the evening
• Day care service
• Use of facilities such as hotel gym or spa
• On-call staff

One of hundreds of Costa Rica's beautiful sandy beaches.  This one, located in the southern Nicoya Peninsula.

Booking an all-inclusive package may also save guests the hassle of arranging day trips or excursions, which can be stressful and take a lot of your vacation time. The service can cover several activities such as snorkeling, windsurfing, surfing or scuba diving. A visitor who’s trying to book everything for himself or his family would most likely overlook many details and an all-inclusive package helps tourists avoid that.

Some Costa Rica resorts offer all-inclusive arrangements with specific interests and priorities, such as a week of pampering and yoga retreats for overworked business executives. Even better, all-inclusive packages are also offered for couples who are thinking of a destination wedding. The service can literally save them thousands of dollars for all the wedding arrangements and preparations.

Yoga retreats, anyone?

Tourists who are after complete relaxation woulld find Costa Rica’s yoga treats enticing. These are commonly included in all-inclusive packages and guests would be glad to avail of hassle-free tour packages.

For example, Anamaya Resort is a highly recommended yoga retreat center that provide different options. Its packages include healthy organic meals, accommodations, tantric workshops, meditation, and more, with the aim of providing a memorable and peaceful time for guests.

All-inclusive packages are always recommended for travelers who want to do away with the headaches of planning, coordinating and arranging details. The arrangement is great whether you’re with your significant other, your friends, or even your family. Whatever your preference may be, you are likely to find an all-inclusive package that suits your taste.

Of course, guests are always advised to do their research so they can decide on what they want to see and do. But once you decide what you want, you can coordinate with resort managers to come up with the best package for you. An all-inclusive package just might be your ticket to a great getaway.

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