Atenas, Costa Rica – the World’s Best Climate

Atenas is most famous for being voted as having the best weather on earth. Its medium-level tropical elevation give it a huge number of sunny days that are the perfect temperature.

In addition, it’s fairly close to the Central Valley (San Jose) area and main international airport, and not so far from the beaches of Jaco, Puntarenas, and Caldera, plus the ferry to Santa Teresa, Montezuma, and Tambor.

As a result, it’s become a favorite spot to live for both Ticos and foreigners, who enjoy its laid-back culture and great weather.

For gardeners, it’s also a great place for growing just about anything.

One of main reasons Atenas is considered as having best climate is its temperature that almost never goes above 86-87 degrees Fahrenheit. You will have spectacular sunny day round the year.  Nights are even more comfortable and cooler with temperatures dropping to the mid 60’s. The reliable temperature is one reason Atenas is popular with travelers from around the globe.

If you visit Atenas during the wet season, you will see that the weather is overcast, muggy and warm. But during the dry season it’s partly cloudy and hot. Over the course of the year, the temperature remains around 80 degrees Fahrenheit & drops to the 60s at night. There are many more cities around the globe that have awesome weather, but it is only seasonal. Where as Atenas has the most consistent one, round the year.

A perfect climate works wonders for your mind and health. Even the most consistently comfortable cities experience the odd blip sometimes. But Atenas is exceptionally consistent with it’s pleasant climate. But comfortable and pleasant temperatures are not the only prerequisite to be considered as the best climate. There are some more factors to consider such as sunshine, humidity, rain and brightness. Interestingly Atenas can be considered as one of the best cities if you consider these factors as well. Moreover, Atenas has many more things to offer apart from its outstanding climate.


Atenas is a very popular agricultural hub. Each week Atenas hosts a market where farmers come to sell their products. Growing fresh produce locally is a great tradition of Atenas.

Atenas central parkCentral Park

Central Park is the most preferred place in Atenas. If you want to relax, this park is second to none. Another great attraction of this park is its birds. As there are a lot of palm trees available in the park, you will various species of Costa Rican birds including but not limited to parrots and toucans.

El Toledo Coffee Tour

El Toledo offers you a unique coffee tour experience in Costa Rica! Many of the guests who take El Toledo coffee tour are coffee lovers. But most of them have never witnessed the cultivation process of coffee. And don’t forget it’s an Organic Farm! The tour is comparatively cheaper than that of other tours. It costs only $20 per person. Though it’s cheaper, it’s not less informative.

House of Dirt Costa Rica

Looking for a BMX bike park? Here it is! They have a wide range of trails for all ages and levels of expertise. They welcome anyone who wants to help their project. Anyone who wants to support the local BMX/MTB situation to reach new heights can join.

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