Riding Cuadricyclos in Costa Rica via ATV Tours

ATV Tours is probably the best way to explore Costa Rica’s beautiful beaches, outstanding nature reserves and breathtaking landscapes–if you have a taste for the extreme.

Imagine riding a 4×4 along with your friends exploring all that Costa Rica has to offer. From steep hills to untouched beaches to wildlife refuges to the bumpiest of roads, the ATV Tours of Costa Rica promises to quench your thirst for adventure.

Although some private properties in San Jose offer their trails to the public to indulge in, Nosara, Guanacaste is said to have the best dirt bike trails of Costa Rica. Apart from the rough roads any thrill seeker would want to get their 4×4’s on, the beaches and other areas in this side of Costa Rica are a must-see. Playa Guiones, Nosara, and Pelada are just some of these beaches that boast of having great shore trails. The Ostional Wildlife Refuges which is home to the many nesting ridley turtles.

These ATV Tours offer a whole year round 4×4 riding experience along beach shores, back trails, muddy areas and river crossings. So if you’re in the country and would want something different then getting on a 4×4 may be one for the books.


Wet or Dry Riding

Wet Season- The months between June to November are the wettest and rainiest so if you want to get yourself quite dirty, this is the best time to ride a 4×4. Expect nothing less than puddles of mud and afternoon showers along your way.

Dry Season- The months of December to May are the driest months. If you prefer braving the dust and dirt than splashing your way through the mud, then this time is highly recommended.


ATV Tour Duration

Most of Costa Rica’s ATV Tours would usually last from four to eight hours, depending if it’s a full or half-day tour. Others offer up to three days of biking tours and even there’s even an eight-day tour more famously called as the ATV Jungle Challenge.


An All-Inclusive Adventure

You don’t only get to ride the toughest and rugged 4×4’s. These ATV Tours are inclusive of food so no need to worry about losing your energy along the ride. Moreover, packages are offered with hotel accommodations, insurance and tours inside reserves, parks, etc.


ATV Tours All Around Costa Rica

Various companies all over Costa Rica are available for all those who want to get on their bikes and ride their way through Costa Rica. Some of these ATV Tour companies are:


ATV Golden Coast- this company’s focus is mainly on getting in touch with nature as you ride your 4×4.You’ll delve deeper into the forests with an occasional big Mango tree sighting ideal for a good snack stop. Although restricted for children, this tour is recommended for beginners.

ATV Mountain Tour- exploring the dry forests of Guanacaste is the edge of this ATV Tour. It promises one of the most exciting rides from high-rising trees to the rich wildlife found in the forests.

ATV Quad Safari- this 4-wheel drive adventure gives you a chance to explore Costa Rica by riding through up-and-down hills, rivers and dense forests. Expect to see wild animals around as you ride along the Northern Pacific.

ATV Surf Trip to the South- this is a top pick for surfers who want to warm up first by riding on river crossings and along fantastic shores.


The ATV Tours of Costa Rica may just be the right break you’ve been looking for if you’re dying to have an unforgettable adventure. Whether you’re an expert or a rookie on riding dirty back roads and steep hills, these ATV Tours are made for any thrill seeker out there.


Getting to Templo de la Musica 

ATV Tours companies do hotel pickups, especially if you’re staying in one of San Jose’s principal hotels. From there, let the driver ad your guide take you the ATV Tour spot of your choice.



Places to Stay  

Hotel Punta Islita

Hotel Guancaste

Zullymar Hotel

Tamarindo Diria Beach Resort



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