Best 10 Surf Camps in Costa Rica

Sufing a point break in the Montezuma/Malpais area
Surf camps are basically places where you can easily enjoying costa rica surfing. Tourists and natives alike love surfing and since Costa Rica is the home to many beaches and surf camps, tourists travel to Costa Rica in order to enjoy high quality surfing here.

Some surf camps are surfing schools as well which is an added advantage as they can teach the newer surfers about how to surf while can also brief the experienced surfers about the newer techniques of surfing.

Ten great surf camps in Costa Rica are given below:

1. Anamaya

Anamaya has the most beautiful view and incredible swimming pool of any surf camp or hotel.  They specialize in yoga + surfing camps, with a week-long Saturday-to-Saturday program.  The cost is relatively low considering what’s offered.  If you’re looking for a truly amazing Costa Rica experience, this is a great place.

2. Awaken Retreats – Surf, Yoga and Permaculture Farm

Rancho Delicioso has a unique and inexpensive week-long surf camp where you live in a super cool eco village, surf every day, do yoga, and learn about permaculture and sustainability. They also have classes in aerial silk dance, archery, raw chocolate-making, and more. Lots is included in this program.

3. La Escuela del Sol

La Escuela del Sol also offers yoga, Spanish language classes, and fire dancing, located in the idyllic beach town of Montezuma on the Pacific Coast. Definitely one of the best surf camps in Costa Rica.

4. Corky Carroll’s surf camp

It’s also one such surf camp which is also a surf school and this double combination makes it one of the most visited surf camps in the whole of Costa Rica.

5. Costa Rica Surf Camp

Costa Rica surf Camp is also an excellent surfing camp and its brilliance captivates all tourists.

6. Del Mar Surf Camp

The facilities here are fantastic, and it’s a women-only surf camp. The additional fitness center and yoga services add another dimension. You can book this surf camp and enjoy perhaps the coolest surfing in Costa Rica.

7. Green Iguana Surf camp

Green iguana surf camp is one of the oldest in Costa Rica, and ranks among the top 10 most popular in the country. It’s located in Dominical.

8. Playa Grande Surf Camp

Located in the Guanacaste Province, Playa Grande Surf Camp is an excellent surf camp along with being an excellent surf school. Everyone is allowed to surf in the Playa Grande Surf School which makes it one of the most revered surfing places in Costa Rica.

9. Safari Surf school

Beginners at surfing find this place paradise as it’s an excellent surfing school and provides great surf opportunities to its clients. They are known for instructors with great teaching ability.

10. Malpais Surf Camp
Probably the first surf camp in the Santa Teresa/Malpais area, this is within a short walk of the great Playa Carmen beach, which is a sandy beach break good for all levels of surfers.

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