Biking in Costa Rica

Biking in Costa Rica lets you explore the lush forests, abundant wildlife and the pristine beaches in a way riding in cars and buses can’t. Imagine getting to the rugged areas, crossing rivers and passing the narrow trails to see all the wonders of Costa Rica.

This popular country is world-renowned for its diverse wildlife, environment, vegetation and even the people living in it. There are a lot of ways to discover the ins and outs of Costa Rica like hiking, zip-lining, canopy tours, surfing, caving and so much more. But riding your bike across the multitudes of plains and trails of this country is something else.

Biking Tours

Considering the seemingly infinite places to see in Costa Rica, there are a lot biking tours offered by different companies in different places, depending on what kind of biking adventure you’re ready to step into. Some have exclusive biking and others match it up with kayaking, rafting and walking along nature trails. The following are just some of the many tours you can indulge in:

Caribbean Bike, Raft and Beach Adventure- If you’re a beginner and not entirely up for challenging routes and steep slopes, this tour is for you. You’ll be enjoying guided recreational mountain biking along volcano bases, rivers, coffee plantations and lowland rainforests.

This 5-day tour starts every Wednesday and includes hotel pick-ups, lodging, food and beverages, equipment and a bilingual guide. In a discounted season (May-October), this tour is priced at $1,125 per person while the summer season (November to April) is at $1,150.

Your 1st day of biking in Costa Rica starts you off in Irazu Volcano and Orosi Valley in San Jose where you’ll be experiencing downhill rides and warm baths at the thermal waters provided by the volcano. The 2nd day will bring you to Turrialba Valley where you will bike through sugar and coffee plantations. Rafting in the Pacuare River and enjoying riverside picnics await you on your 3rd day. On the 4th, the relaxing beaches of Puerto Viejo will make your trip’s end worth the wait until you go back to San Jose on your last day.

Pacific Bike, Raft and Beach Adventure- If you’re up for a more intense bike ride around Costa Rica, this area of the country will get you to continuously step on your paddles along the scenic beaches and in and around trails that impose a certain amount of difficulty.

This is as well a 5-day tour which has the same inclusions the Caribbean Bike, Raft and Beach Adventure offer as well as the price.

On your 1st day, you’ll be biking from the top of the continental divide all the way down to the cloud forests and cattle farms of Sta. Clara in the lower lands of Costa Rica. You’ll be enjoying some whitewater rafting adventure in Rio Toro and bask in the warm waters of the Arenal Volcano. Afterwards on your 3rd day, you’ll be biking around the area of the Arenal Volcano National Park and take abandoned roads to delve into deeper and richer secondary forests and topping it off with some river crossing action. On your 4th day, you’ll be riding along the southern deserted shores of the Lake Arenal and drive your way around Playa Samara–a perfect way to end your biking adventure before you depart the day after.

There are other tours offered at lower budgets in specific areas such as Arenal Lake-El Castillo Mountain Bike Tour ($67) Don Carlos Organic Farm Trail ($75), 3-day Guanacaste Volcanoes Ride ($625)–all of which guarantees an unforgettable biking experience.

So whether you’re an advanced biker or just starting out but have the strongest urge to get on your bike and experience the thrilling ride this coastal country has to offer, then biking in Costa Rica should be your top pick.

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