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Cabuya Realty is a real estate company serving in Cabuya, a beautiful and secluded town located on the tip of Southern Nicoya Peninsula, in Costa Rica. They offer a comprehensive range of services and mainly deal in sale and management of properties in Cabuya and its neighboring areas such as Montezuma, Santa Teresa and Mal Pais. Whether you are looking for a residential property or a commercial property, Cabuya Realty 2 Cabuya Realty will assist you and help you understand everything you need to know about it. They have a variety of properties to fit all kinds of budgets that include ocean view, beach view, commercial, condominiums and apartments, cottages, bungalows, farms, houses and villas.

Services Offered by Cabuya Realty

Cabuya Realty provides different kinds of services for buyers and sellers in the Nicoya Peninsula. They specialize in real estate, property management and vacation rental management. If you are looking to buy a suitable property that suits your budget and requirements, Cabuya Realty will help you find the right one. Moreover, they help in providing maintenance of properties in Costa Rica. If the owner of a property lives abroad, it can be quite challenging to manage it over a period of time. Cabuya Realty help out their clients and lighten their burden by guaranteeing constant communication, monthly reports of all the bills and finances and condition of the property along with its recent pictures. They respond to emails within 24 hours except on weekends. They also take responsibility for checking in and checking out and listing of a property and all communications with inquiries. Cabuya Realty deals in rental management as well. If a client wants to rent out a vacation rental, the real estate will seek suitable renters, arrange bookings with them, work out the payments, and ensure that they have a comfortable stay. Furthermore, Cabuya Realty organizes and books fun filled, adventurous tours for the vacationers. They have a sister company called Solo Bueno Tours that offers group tours to some of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica. If you wish to see the list of available properties, check out Cabuya Realty’s website.

About Cabuya

Cabuya Realty 3 Cabuya is a remote town featuring a pristine white sand beach with rocky reef, entrance to Cabo Blanco Park, two superb surf breaks, the mysterious Cabuya Island and a number of beautiful waterfalls. Although, the town is not as popular as its surrounding areas, it offers a great platform for surfing, nature walks and sightseeing, particularly for those who enjoy seclusion. Unlike its neighboring towns, Cabuya boasts plenty of flat property which allows preparation for development with only minimal landscaping.

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