The small fishing town of Cabuya is less known town south of Montezuma on the gulf side of the peninsula. It is about as close to the “end of the earth” as it gets in Costa Rica, and is one of the most remote towns. This town is less expensive than Montezuma or Malpais but set within a quick driving distance of both. Unlike Montezuma town, Cabuya has a lot of flat land with a larger Tico community. You will find several spots to buy fresh fish from local fisherman, and local vegetables and fruits are available. Many talented artists live and work in Cabuya town.

This town is close to the country’s first ever protected area ‘Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve’. Besides this park, Cabuya has a lot to offers including several surf spots, rivers with waterfalls, and huge trees. This town is located approximately 7 km south of Montezuma and the Cabo Blanco National Park is another 2 km past the town. Cabuya beach has both sandy and rocky areas and you can walk out to the Cabuya Island at the time of low tide. From this restaurant you can reach Montezuma within 10 to 15 minute drive and Mal Pais can be reached within 20 minutes.


hotel_el_ancla_de_oro Ancla De Oro:

It is a beautiful jungle resort featured with 3 Jungalows and 3 hotel rooms
and kitchen. The surrounding area of the property is less crowded. Situated within close destination to the Cabo Blanco National Park and the river Lajas, this resort provides room-and hammock service, safety deposit box, laundry service, snorkeling masks rental, face treatment, pedicure, wax and many more.

Call: (506) 2642-0369
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cabuya-resort Cabuya Resort:

It is a well organized resort. Set in a tropical place of Cabuya, this resort is featured with accommodations with affordable price. In one price you will get accommodations, meals, purchase and activity. Within only one minute you can reach Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve. It takes 20 minutes from MalPais and 10 minutes from Montezuma to reach the resort. This resort provides a Yoga shala, a pool, a Pececito’s kid’s club for 3 to 12 years and also has a teen lounge with WiFi.

Call: (506) 8531 2693
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Hotel-Cabo-Blanco Hotel Cabo Blanco:

Located on the Pacific Coast of the Nicoya Peninsul with an amazing white sand beach, this hotel provides comfortable accommodations which overlook stunning view of the ocean. Rooms are featured with air conditioner, ceiling fans, private bathrooms with hot water, American made Queen and Twin beds. This hotel also features community kitchen, sparkling pool surrounded by exotic plants and flowers. You will also have laundry service, computer and WiFi connection available.

Call: 506-2642-0332
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Hotel-Celaje Hotel Celaje:

Situated right on the beach, on the beautiful Nicoya Peninsula, Hotel Celaje is featured with a selection of seven spacious and secluded bungalows. It also has a large outdoor pool that is surrounded by tropical gardens. This hotel has its own restaurant and bar and it is set just 2 km away from the oldest national park ‘Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve’. From Montezuma, this hotel is 7 km and 5 km from MalPais/Santa Teresa.

Call: 506 2642 0374
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howler-monkey-hotel Howler Monkey Hotel:

Located in the heart of picturesque Cabuya, directly on the beach, just south of Montezuma on the Nicoya Peninsula, this hotel is featured with 4 large cabins and 1 smaller cabin, each with kitchenette. It has an on-site restaurant. It is nestled 2 km from the Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve just 6 km from the small seaside village of Montezuma.

Call: 506-2642-0303
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laescueladelsol La Escuela del Sol:

It is a Surf Camp, Yoga Center, and Spanish Language School founded on the principle of self enhancement of the body, mind and soul. It is actually an adventure camp for the adults. It has standard and superior rooms which are well furnished, cozy, spacious and comfortable. In all room you will find air conditioner. Private rooms are featured with a safe for valuables, WiFi service and has hot water supply. You will also find a lounge with a yoga studio on the top floor including hammocks, tables, chairs, couches and a large wooden deck. On the upper floors of the property, there are the superior rooms which are more spacious with wooden floors and include refrigerators.

Call: 506-8884-8444
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The-Sanctuary-and-Yoga-Spa The Sanctuary at Two Rivers:

Perched approximately 1000 yards slightly above the Pacific Ocean in Cabuya, the Sanctuary at Two Rivers is a 40 acre private luxury-modern Yoga Retreat and Teacher Training Center and Eco-Estate Rental Property. From Cabo Blanco National Nature Reserve, this property is just two miles. It provides two types of Eco-Chic accommodations-Studio Houses and Jungle Lofts which are featured with unique qualities, size, bed options and layout. It also offers three unforgettable Tropical Fusion vegetarian or vegan meals per day.

Call: +506 8544 3427
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Panaderia-Cafeteria-Cabuya Cabuya Bakery/ Panaderia:

Furnished with plastic chairs and wood tables, Cabuya Bakery/Panaderia is nestled on a tropical patio. It serves up a stellar menu including fresh breads, pastries and strong coffee. Later in the day, you can enjoy sandwiches and soups. You can enjoy Cabuya-native Owner Yeilith Maria Morales Paniagua’s breads, cakes in different flavors including vanilla, carrot, apple, chocolate, red velvet and many more. You can also grab a bag of giant elephant ears or her signature fried puff pastry rolled in sugar and filled with guava jelly.

Call: 2642-1184
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Café-Coyote Café Coyote:

In Cabuya, Café Coyote is the only pizzeria. Its menu include a selection of locally caught fish which are artfully prepared. You can enjoy delicious fruit shakes and at the same time can enjoy some leisure time sitting on the patio and watching local birds and butterflies as well as amazing mountain view.

Call: +506 2642-0354
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Cafe-Nimbu Cafe Nimbu:

At this place you will get a menu boasting a variety of delicious foods. It serves homemade specialties and cold beverages. You can also have delicious smoothies, cappuccinos, fresh juices especially unique pineapple, coconut, ginger drinks. It also offers pork sandwich, pizza, home-made potato chips, falafel and salad. This cafe also has gluten free and vegan options.

Call: +506 6076 8383

Delfin-de-La-Luna Delfin de la Luna:

This restaurant serves the food in family style. Lady Lila who is called as ‘Tica abuela’ by the surfers, is the owner of this restaurant. You can enjoy delicious dishes sitting on the outdoor patio of the restaurant. At this restaurant, you can enjoy big bowls of rice, beans and chopped salad. The menu also include fish dish prepared with fish sautéed in a garlic-butter sauce to perfect tenderness, and there is also chicken dishes.

Call: 506-2642-0852, 506-2642-0334
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dining-area-restaurant-kardoes Kardoes:

This restaurant serves a variety of International cuisines including the best Costa Rican steak and fresh steak and fish with delicious sauces. It also offers Italian salads and pasta dishes and homemade hamburgers. You can also enjoy having gallo pinto (mixed rice and beans) and vegetarian dishes. You will also find mini Dutch meatballs in tomato sauce, seasonal fruits, omelets, sandwich, more than 15 different types of pancakes, scrambled or fried eggs, cereal, yogurt, tea and coffee. You can try desserts including famous Belgian chocolate.

Call: 506 2642 0374
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While staying at Cabuya, if you want to enjoy nightlife, you will have to go to Montezuma and there you will find some fine places to enjoy parties and dancing.

Bar Higueron:

You can enjoy some of the local drinks and beer at this sports bar. You will find it open from 11 am to 12 pm.

Call: +506 2642 9999

cafe organico Cafe Organico:

It is one of the coolest places in Montezuma. It arranges ‘open mic’ event regularly. It offers healthy food. If you visit this place on Monday, you can enjoy open mic night event that starts at 4:30 pm in the afternoon. Its owner Liv Macchia supports the local music scene with its open mic night. It offers delicious dishes including vegetarian or vegan food often.

Call: 506-2642 1322

chicos bar Chico’s bar:

this bar is the focus of the town’s nightlife. Its seaside bar and dance floor is really great place for enjoying fun time. At night different people from different parts of the country get together at this bar to hang out and enjoy the humid, tropical night. This bar arranges many special events such as various impromptu dance shows. It organizes fire dancing almost every night and related circus shows are also held at this bar. At the time of big party night especially Halloween, Costa Rica’s Independence day, Christmas or New year’s, the full street becomes full of People and sometimes over a thousands.

La Lora Amarilla:

For enjoying more adventure at night, you can drive 45 to 90 minutes and head to Santa Teresa to visit La Lora Amarilla. It is a huge disco bar arranges live music and DJ. Both locals and International tourists visit this bar. On Tuesday night you will enjoy reggae party and Wednesday and Friday is for Latin beats and you can enjoy live music and karaoke on Saturday and Sunday.

Call: 2640–0132


Cabo-Blanco-National-Park Cabo Blanco Reserve:

Stretching across 2,896 acres (1,172 ha) of pristine dry tropical forest, this reserve is popular for its biologically rich ecosystems. This reserve is home to unique plant and animal species including over 150 species of trees. There are many animals within the protected area of the reserve and those animals are rarely seen in nearby areas such as Jaguars and Peccaries. This reserve also include 4,420 acres of ocean marine reserve, within which fishing is banned.

Call: +506 2642-0093
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giant-banyan-tree-cabuya El Higueron-Giant Banyan Tree:

If you are head to Cabuya from Montezuma, you will find this giant banyan tree is on the west (right) side of the road. It is known as an Higueron (fig) in Spanish. This tree was awarded with the national prize as ‘most exceptional’ in Costa Rica, by INBIO in 2009.

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A-baby-Ocelot Wild Sun Wildlife Rescue Center:

Bordering the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, Wild Sun Wildlife Reserve is a non-profit association. It is home to different wild animals and unique plant species. This center welcomes the volunteers who want to work for helping wildlife beyond just financial support. It works to rescue and care for hurt local wild animals and always get information about cases of injury, sickness and orphaned wildlife. After giving proper treatment to the injured animals, most of them are kept under proper care at the rescue center for a rehabilitation period at the end of the rehabilitation period, they will be released back to their original habitat.

Call: +506 8884-8444
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Cabuya-Island Cabuya Island:

Cabuya island itself also appropriately eerie. It is one of the most mysterious places of the Southern Nicoya Peninsula. From the shore the tree-covered island is visible. In this island, there are several trees which have a bleached, hollow appearance, like monolithic bones buried in the sand. On the south side of this island there is a surf spot known as ‘The Secret Reef’.

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Playa-Los-Cedros Playa Los Cedros:

This beach is probably the prettiest beach in Cabuya, at least at high tide. At low or mid tide a bunch of rocks makes it like a treacherous place. This beach is also well known for rock hounds, hoping to find agates, bloodstone, jasper, jade, or any of the many types of exotic seeds (great for making jewelry) that wash up on the beaches. This beach is also a popular surf spot, but usually isn’t breaking. Because of the rocks, it’s only good at high tide, and the swell has to be just right.

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Playa-Miguelon Playa Miguelon:

Though this beach is not well known to the tourists, but familiar to the locals. With some rocks, it is a darker sand beach so it is not so popular.

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Yoga and Surfing in Cabuya:

La Escuela del Sol:

It offers Hatha Vinyasa Yoga classes that also has a touch of Anusara Yoga style. These classes are directed in English language and anyone from any level can join these classes. You will enjoy the classes in an open air, covered Yoga studio that overlooks stunning view of Montezuma central park. You will also get yoga props. La Escuela del Sol also offers many surfing classes at the Montezuma’s Playa Grande. If the surfers get advanced, they are also taken to other breaks in the area.

Women-practicing-Yoga The Sanctuary at Two Rivers:

It offers a wide variety of Yoga retreats and 200 hour or 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification Programs. These retreats are customized for everyone and directed by Certified Yoga Teacher specializing in different styles of Yoga.

Yoga at Cabuya Resort:

Though this resort is not specifically a yoga retreat center, it offers Yoga classes for both kids and adults. These classes are based on Vinyasa, Hatha and Restorative Yoga techniques. This resort also offers Kidding Around Yoga classes and teacher training with Mandy Lawson E-RYT 200.


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