Costa Rica’s Limon province has a number of great tourist spots that can provide adrenaline-rushing activities and adventurous tours, but if you want to spend a few days of easy living, Cahuita is the place to go. Your relaxation will be accentuated by zesty Cahuita cuisine reputed to be among the best in Costa Rica too.


A Small Town of Simple Delights

You really can take it easy in Cahuita. The village is small enough to see everything by walking around, so a bike is ample means of transportation. Cahuita finds its roots in Afro-Caribbean heritage, and the predominant culture is Creole, with its populace speaking mostly Africanized-Creole English. The food there is a seasoned mix of different dishes originating from European cuisine with the customary seafood and spices. You can stay in Cahuita with a modest budget, and hotel accommodations suit a wide range of budgets.


White and Black Beaches, Wildlife, and Relaxation

Cahuita is home to Playa Negra beach, a black sand beach great for just lounging or a leisurely swim. There is also a white-sand beach inside the Cahuita National Park, Cahuita’s crowing glory. The National Park is south of the town center, nestled in abundant flora and hosting an impressive array of exotic wildlife. Both the black and white sand beaches a ideal locations for leisurely snorkeling and scuba diving. If you’re more into the allure of plant life, then the Tree of Life, Playa Grande botanical gardens would suit your taste, where you can also gte up close and personal with tropical rainforest wildlife. Care to explore a more exotic aspect of the region? Visit Aviarios del Caribe, the only sloth rehabilitation center in the world.


Getting to the Easy Life

Cahuita is only 27 miles or 43 kilometers from Puerto Limon, easily accessible through an easy drive via Highway 36 following the Caribbean coast. By bus, the most common debarkation point is San Jose, while there are long distance bus rides from Puerto Limon and Sixaola that pass by Cahuita. For a more personal trip, you can avail of a taxi either from San Jose or from Puerto Limon, though for much heftier prices, of course. A bus trip from San Jose typically takes about three to four hours.


The Cahuita Experience

Though not as adventure-filled as Puerto Viejo de Talamanca to the south, Cahuita offers small delights and the simple life, a break from all the tours and adventure and activities from everywhere else in Costa Rica. It’s a small place to settle down, with its own exotic destinations and attractions.

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