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Puerto-Caldera-300x199 Puerto Caldera is located nearby Golf de Nicoya in the Puntarenas province of Costa Rica on the Central Pacific coast. It is regarded as a prime seaport of the country. Caldera plays a major role in trade system and commodities of the country and at the same time, it has become a renowned destination for serene getaways and tropical retreats. The port town is encircled by green clad hills, sun drenched sea shores, dancing trees and surging waves. Its main pursuits are cruises, sailing, surfing and a starting point for numerous ventures. Offering various opportunities to travelers and beautiful panoramas, Puerto Caldera is one of the must visit towns of Costa Rica.


description Puerto Caldera is the base where various adventures start from. Whether it is a leisurely cruise, an industrial ship carrying goods or an excursion through jungles and towns, you can begin your journey from the tiny port town. The seaport is situated quite nearby the Gulf of Nicoya and is a gateway to many popular places such as San Jose, Jaco, Puntarenas, Los Suenos and Tortuga Island. Its close proximity to several famous places is one of its best features! Travelers who are seeking tranquil ‘out of the way’ tracks will love the remoteness of Caldera. The quiet town allows people to get to know and experience the ‘pura vida’ culture and indulge in a local Tico lifestyle. Puerto Caldera has a few shops and facilities such as cafes, souvenir shops where you can buy jewelry, crafts and artworks, restaurants, surf camps and accommodations. The town has a nice temperature all year round. The green season is from June to October which is really awesome for vacations while dry season is between November to May.strial ship carrying goods or an excursion through jungles and towns, you can begin your journey from the tiny port town. The seaport

For a taste of big cities and more adventures, you can easily access the main town of Puntarenas from Caldera. It boasts a nice array of lovely beaches, diverse wildlife, restaurants, bars, coffee houses, sporty opportunities such as zip lining, recreational fishing, sailing, surfing and so on. Popular nearby attractions include Carara National Park, Jaco and Tarcoles River.

Surf Breaks in Caldera

Caldera might be a small town but its waves are huge enough to attract surfers. The popular breaks found in the town and nearby places include:

Caldera Jetty

calder surfing Puerto Caldera boasts a protected jetty break with quite a regular consistent surf. The surf breaks to lefts and rights over a sandy bottom. The waves are fast, powerful and somewhat ledgey. Best swells are raised from the west and southwest and clean groundswells are common than wind swells. Swells rise nicely when the wind blows from the east direction. The waves are mostly short and ride up to 50 meters. However, on good days, they can be 150 meters high and swells can reach up to the height of 8 feet! The waves are best ridden at mid to high tide. One of the best features about the jetty is that surfers of all kinds can easily surf here. The spot is remote during the weekdays but on weekends it is the total opposite. The water is polluted so do take a long bath afterwards. Watch out for rip currents and undertows.

Playa Bajamar

Playa Bajamar is a deserted beach located a short distance away from Puerto Caldera. It boasts a super consistent reef rocky break suitable for advanced surfers looking for a nice challenge. The waves break over a flat sand rocky bottom to the left. The waves are long reaching the height of 300 meters on good days. The best time to surf is at a mid to high tide. The water is dirty and full of urchins and sharp rocks so be careful.

Playa Valor

Playa Valor is a grey sand beach found in close proximity to Playa Hermosa and Jaco. It is a rocky point break with various lefts breaking over a rocky sand bottom. The spot gets awesome during a low tide with swells rising from Northwest and Southwest directions and wind coming from the northeast. Groundswells are much more common than windswells. To access the surf spot, surfers will be required to paddle across the river. The point break is suitable for all skills of surfers. Even though it is secluded on weekdays, Playa Valor gets ultra crowded during the weekends. Some of the dangers include rip currents, sharks ad rocks.


Tivives is a seaport in the canton of Esparza on the Southern Pacific coast about 5 miles south of Caldera. It has a tiny grey sand beach joined to the river which then flows into the Pacific Ocean. There is a point break on the beach which remains fairly consistent throughout the year. It breaks to both direction over a sandy bottom at the rivermouth. The spot is a bit gnarly but is suitable for all level of surfers. Tivives can get very crowded on weekends.


Corralillo is found south to Boca Barranca. It is a consistent point break that breaks to the left over a sandy bottom. The best time to ride the waves is a mid to high tide with swells rising from south and southwest. The break is secluded most of the times. It is a nice spot for all kinds of surfers.

Playa Dona Ana

Playa Doña Ana is in North Puntarenas boasting rather demanding waves. Due to its challenging air, it has attracted many surf enthusiasts from all over the world. The beach features a point break that break to left over a flat rocky sand bottom. The waves are very consistent, quite fast and create ledges frequently. Only experienced surfers should ride here. The beach is super crowded most of the time.

Boca Barranca

Boca Barranca is found just north of Puerto Caldera It a left point break with amazingly world class waves. It is considered as one of the best long-boarding waves in the world. It is the second longest left in Costa Rica after Pavones making it a third longest wave in the world. The spot is superb for every kind of surfers particularly longboarders who would love to pick up long left handed waves.

Surf Camps Nearby Puerto Caldera

There are not any surf camps located directly located in Caldera but you can find many camps and schools nearby the town. Surf camps and schools are amazing for those who are on a surfing expedition. The camps not only teach you to surf but provide many facilities and amenities making your vacation utterly comfortable. Some of the popular camps you can join during your stay in Caldera are:

Del Mar Surf Camp

delmar Del Mar Surf Camp and Yoga Retreat is owned by a local Tico surfer, Maria Del Mar. It is a certified luxury surf camp quite popular among both locals and tourists. The camp provides excellent surfing lessons, coaching, tours and great packages. Besides surfing, the camps offers guests a chance to indulge in inclusive spa treatments, detox retreats, yoga and mediation. The camp is a perfect place for kids and adults alike.

School of the World

surf school costa rica School of the World is based in Jaco. It is a fabulous combination of a cozy boutique hotel, a superb surf camp, a language institute, Yoga retreat, digital photography workshop and wellness center. School of the World utilizes the opportunity and arranges surf sessions right on the Jaco beach. The surf lessons are conducted by professional surf instructors who have years of experience in Costa Rica. With School of the World, you can have a dynamic holiday with plenty of adventures.

Vista Guapa Surf Camp

Vista-Guapa-Surf-Camp Vista Guapa Surf Camp is a stand up paddling and surfing camp. Perfect for novices and advanced alike, students can either learn individually or in small groups. The camp features cozy and affordable accommodations in a shape of fully air conditioned bungalows with fantastic vistas of the ocean. Adventure tours such as mountain biking, hiking, trips to nature reserves and yoga classes are also offered. Depending upon the guest’s wishes, duration and surf experience, the camp offers a package for everyone. The camp features a great package which is usually seven days long and includes bed and breakfast, airport transfers, daily breakfast and dinner, 5 surf lessons and surfboard rentals.

Activities in Puerto Caldera

Caldera Boating Tours

boating-tours Venture out on an incredible tour with Caldera Boating Tours to the heavenly Tortuga Island. The company offers a full day trip inreasonable prices. The groups are kept small to ensure proper attention. The boating tour includes snorkeling, 6 hours on the island, a bilingual guide, soft drinks whenever you want, beers, homemade cakes, coffee, salads, fresh fruits and free access to equipment. The ride from Caldera to Tortuga Island is enchantingly beautiful sprinkled with clear skies, deep blue ocean and sublime coasts.

Mirador Nemaclys

mirador Mirador Nemaclys is a paradisaical attraction located in Puerto Caldera. Boasting a unique panorama of Gulf of Nicoya and its pretty isles and hills, Nemaclys is a geographic wonder with several micro climates. It is considered as one of the best places to practice free flight paragliding and hang gliding. Apart from paragliding, you can have a delicious lunch in one of the restaurants, climb the mountains and enjoy the views while sipping on a chilled beverage with your loved ones. Mirador Nemaclys offers you a great opportunity to approach the clouds, fly like a bird and have a satisfying visual pleasure.

Recreational Fishing

fishing2 Rent a boat or join a sportfishing charter to go sportfishing in the water surrounding the port town. The crystal clear water of the Pacific is enriched with plenty of species such as mahi mahi, dorado, snapper, roosterfish, sailfish, black and blue marlin, tarpons and many more. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned angler, you can have a time of your life while sportfishing in Caldera.

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