Caño Island Marine Reserve

Isla de Cano Goliath Grouper and scuba diver

Caño Island is one of the very best scuba diving spots in Costa Rica, and avid divers who visit the country will usually make it a “must see” destination.

Located 20 minutes by boat from Drake Bay, or 80 minutes from Uvita, Isla de Caño is fairly small, but covered in lush jungle. Apparently it was a popular spot for pirates and other sailors to stop to get fresh water, which is plentiful here year-round despite its flat profile and small size.

The park system limits the number of divers allowed here every day, and each must be registered in advance by the dive companies who take people here.

Scuba here is truly remarkable. Normally it has very clear water and many very large fish, sharks, and mantas. The rocky reefs are also home to at least two giant 500-800 pound groupers who are friendly with divers, and you’ll be able to get right next to them (if you’re lucky enough to see one.)

White tip reef sharks are everywhere, sleeping on the bottom and you can get very close to them. They are so plentiful that they almost become boring.

There are also many dense schools of medium sized fish that are thrilling to swim among.

Highly recommended!

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