Cartago Province

Irazu Volcano (Volcan Irazu) in Cartago Province of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is blessed with many wonderful waterfalls, adventure parks, biological reserves and rainforests. Cartago Province is one of the seven provinces of Costa Rica to have all of these great tourist attractions. It lies in between the provinces of San Jose and Limon. It’s also home to the CITY of Cartago which was initially the capital of Costa Rica before it was changed to San Jose. Cartago is full of mountain peaks and is the smallest province of Costa Rica in terms of area covered.

Two Famous Attractions in Cartago Province

Cartago Province is the richest province in terms of colonial history, and there are many hallmarks of its great history still present. There are many famous tourist attractions in the province of Cartago but perhaps the two most famous of them include the Savegre Reserves and Volcan Irazu National Park. Both locations have their own distinctive qualities which makes them stand out among the other famous locations in Cartago.

The Savegre Reserves are situated in the city of Cartago and the area is known for its many adventure and wildlife parks. Many different species of jungle animals are present which can be observed in their natural habitat here.

Volcan Irazu National Park is a big attraction within Costa Rica as it’s home to the largest volcano in Costa Rica. Tourists come to see its moon-like landscape and bright green crater lake.


Why Tourists like visiting Cartago Province

Travelers visiting Cartago Province often find themselves interested in its history, which goes back a few centuries The capital city of Cartago is the basic attraction for tourists while the overall cool climate of Cartago makes it a desirable place to visit. It may not have the exotic beaches which are present in Guanacaste and Puntarenas provinces but it has an excellent collection of rainforest parks and also the biggest volcano in the country.

Cartago has every type of accommodation, such as hotels, eco lodges rental villas, and even camping! When it comes to sleeping quarters, no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it here somewhere.

There are many tourist pulling attractions in the Cartago province but some stand above the rest. It’s important to note that the most visited and the most attractive three locations in the Cartago province includes

Visiting Cartago province can prove to be a worthwhile experience with all its national parks, volcanoes and mountain peaks.

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