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casa marbella

Casa MarBella, a boutique style hotel, is situated in Santa Teresa, on the Pacific Coast. It is set in a place where jungle meets the sea. From this hotel you can enjoy amazing ocean views. Though it is surrounded by jungle yet within walking distance you will find some of the notable restaurants and stores. Within 5 minute walk, you can reach Playa Carmen.

Hotel Sustainability:

Casa Marbella works for preserving the surrounding environment. They work on recycling, natural composting, using biodegradable soaps and cleaners, collecting rain water and installing energy saving light bulbs. They hires local workers. They use a water softener and UV purifier that makes the tap water safe for drinking. They also try to reduce the use of plastic consumption.


Casa Marbella hotel in Santa Teresa is made of one grand villa which consists of eight different rooms. In addition, surrounded by the rooms is an infinity pool which overlooks Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve. The hotel has four unique rooms to suit all of your needs. Depending on your needs, reservations are available for either individual or group hotel rental. With more than 130 m2 (1500 ft2) on two levels and three bedrooms, the luxury condo offers the largest and most private space. Next is a suite including two bedrooms with a private balcony. There is a fully stocked kitchen. You will also find Standard rooms with a kitchenette.


In the surrounding area of the hotel, you will find many bakeries, restaurants and bars where you can enjoy different cuisines including Italian, Mexican as well as local dishes. You will also find some great places to enjoy sunset drink or drinks after having dinner. Casa Marbella has a comprehensive list of restaurants so you can ask for a recommendation. You can also enjoy private access to the restaurant next door that remains open daily for breakfast and dinner but closed for dinner on Sundays. You can also ask for a private chef who will prepare a meal for you in the hotel.

Spa Services:

Casa Marbella offers different spa services like private or couples massage on the yoga terrace. You can also choose from different types of body wraps and facials. Manicure or Pedicure can also be arranged.

Nearby Attractions:

Some of the attractions surrounding Casa Marbella hotel are:

Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve:

It is one of the best national parks in Santa Teresa. Since the hotel overlooks this park, it is easier for guests to enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife.

Curu Wildlife Reserve:

It is a privately owned reserve and forms a part of a very large farm.

Montezuma Waterfalls:

Apart from exploring the town in Montezuma, it is advisable for the guests to visit the waterfall.


Most of the activities are usually organized by the hotel free of charge. During your stay at Casa Marbella, you can enjoy several adventurous or relaxing activities which are perfect for all ages.


Santa Teresa is a popular surfing destination with its various wave breaks. You have to choose surf spot depending on your skill level. Both beginners and experienced surfers will find different surf breaks in this area. The hotel offers board and boogie board rentals and also can arrange surf lessons for around 1.5 hours and taught by experienced instructor. You can choose private or semi-private surfing session.

Casa Marbella hotel property has a yoga terrace that is perched among the treetops. While practicing your workouts, you will feel gentle breeze and watch amazing ocean views. It offers a private or semi-private one hour yoga lesson. Or you can also practice individually and use the yoga mats provided. Nearby the hotel, you will also find many other place to enjoy yoga and pilates classes which are designed for different levels of yogis.

Canopy Tours/ Zip Lining:

While staying at Casa Marbella, you can go for canopy tours or zip lining and enjoy the thrilling adventure. You can choose from the tours offered by two different nearby companies.

Canopy Del Pacifico:

With its 65 acre area covered by tropical forest, it is situate in Mal Pais. While enjoying the canopy course in one mile long and a 500 m ride through the long trees, you will also enjoy observing diverse wildlife and enjoy watching amazing ocean view. You will be accompanied by experienced guide. Depending on size of the group the tour lasts about two hours.

Waterfalls Canopy Tour Montezuma:

We can go for visiting amazing waterfalls in the nearby town Montezuma. There you will find canopy consists of 10 cables and cross over the amazing Montezuma river. During this tour you will enjoy amazing ocean views. You can enjoy swimming in the waterfalls. Tour duration is two hours and you will be guided by an experienced guide who will consider your safety.

You can also go for horseback riding and ATV tour, hiking and marine tours and enjoy exploring the area as well as make your vacation memorable.


Casa MarBella

Hill above Santa Teresa, Mal Pais
Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
Call +506 2640 0749

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