Celeste Mountain Lodge

Nestled amidst the lush surroundings of the Tenotio Volcano, Celeste Mountain Lodge is hidden away from the prying tourist eyes, while still being conveniently close to most attractions in the region. The rather low-key and unassuming lodge is headily surrounded by a lush primary tropical rainforest and the abundant Volcan Tenorio National Park and offers its patrons a modern setting amidst commendable values of eco tourism and thoroughbred Costa Rican hospitality. Celeste Mountain lodge offers visitors a delightful blend of attentive service, convenient facilities and an ace natural vacation experience that is topped with an innate, rustic charm. This almost untouched by the tourist frenzy lodge sports an element of elegant simplicity and eco-tourism detailing to make it a pleasant stay option for the environmentally responsible traveler. Fully built in sync with the region’s bio-climatic specifications, Celeste Mountain Lodge also features stunning vistas of the nearby Tenorio and Miravalles Volcanoes.

Tours and Amenities

The lodge’s highly causal countenance conceals a gamut of high action activities – all designed to elevate the authentic Costa Rican nature experience. There are innumerable tours like the Celeste Trail (an hour and half hike through lush ravines, where a huge assortment of unique bird species, colorful butterflies, howler monkeys and native flora can be spotted), a tour of National Park Volcan Tenorio (where visitors can feast their eyes on a striking blue lagoon and hot springs at the trail end), horse backing through the rainforest trails, cycling and walking around the Bijagua region. The more adventure seeking guests can enjoy rafting on the Rio Tenorio, whereas the more unruffled souls can seek bliss by simply floating on the peaceful waters of River Corobici. Other attractions include the pristine blue lagoons and the National Fauna Sanctuary (to be enjoyed by taking a thrilling boat ride). Culture aficionados can be served a staple fare of exotic artifacts and traditions at the local Maleku community settlement.

The in house facilities at this lodge comprise a restaurant (which offers lovely views of the surrounding landscape) serving “Tica-Fusion” fare, a terrace bar, ultimate relaxation offering tropical hot baths (in the center of lush gardens), a reading room that opens up to the garden and a special seating area for patrons with reduced mobility.

Service and Accommodation

Celeste Mountain Lodge’s service is a nice blend of professional hospitality and attentive pampering. The staff here is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and well-trained to take care of all guest needs.

Accommodation at the Celeste Mountain Lodge comprises 18 well-appointed rooms that are divided into a couple floors. Every room is comfortably equipped with private bathrooms (with hot water) and provides beautiful views of the Celete’s mesmerizing surroundings. The rooms combine practicality with a minimalist and elegant appeal. Each room is spacious and airy, with touches of an innate rustic charm. Every room is created to accommodate about a maximum of 4 people. There are specially designed rooms for the physically disabled.

Room Rates

The price for a room on single occupancy is $ 150 USD, while that for a room on double occupancy is $ 180 USD. All rates include three meals a day and taxes.

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