Chachagua Rain Forest Lodge

Hotel Chachagua Rainforest Eco Lodge

Nestled on the foothills of the abundantly green Tilaran Mountain, Chachagua Rain Forest Lodge is situated in one of the most thriving ecological zones of Costa Rica- the breathtakingly beautiful town of LaFortuna. It is an immaculately created oasis that offers everything from a luxurious vacation abode to comfortable facilities to top-class service and above all the bonus of living in the middle of invigorating natural surroundings. The 300 acres lodge is primarily a working ranch that is surrounded by a biological station. This old-fashioned and self-sufficient lodge produces about 70% of all its kitchen ingredients, including cheese, tomatoes, herbs, lettuce and a variety of other fresh produces, within the farm premises. On going further down from the resort on the Northern lowland, guests can find the popular tourist attraction of the region–the Arenal Volcano. Located a few minutes away from Chachagua is the enchanting La Fortuna town (with its heady mix of chic restaurants, bars and stores). Guests can savor a large selection of holiday experiences from lazily relaxing on a hammock to listening to the unadulterated sounds of nature to feasting on an authentic home-style meal of the day’s fresh sea-food catch. In short, this place will offer you a generous assortment of genuine natural experiences. Chachagua is a well-appointed and comfortable retreat that is firmly entrenched in its sustainable tourism philosophy.

rainforest-caress Tours and Activities:

Chachagua is a hotbed for nature and adventure activities and exciting tours, since it is located bang in the middle of a lush ecological region. Nature enthusiasts can go on a guided bird watching tour within the rainforest premises, while horseback riding enthusiasts can explore the mountainous range leading up to the volcano region. Guided walking tours are also a popular pursuit with guests looking to enjoy the natural charm of the region. In addition to this, there are other choices such as Guapote fishing, thrilling mountain bike rides, a river tour featuring the area’s most splendid river bodies and lush waterfalls, a hot springs tour, a horseback tour of La Fortuna, excursions to the Arenal Volcano National Park and witnessing the Venado Caverns first hand. Adventure sports junkies will love to indulge in a wide range of high action pursuits such as whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, thrilling sports fishing and ATV tours. Visitors with a lesser penchant for adventure can lazily float on a river or simply relax in Chachagua’s breathtaking natural surroundings.

Chachgua has a host of comfortable in-house amenities including a restful bar, a relaxing pool, an indoor games room (which also includes internet access, direct TV and an international facility), a conference room (which can accommodate up to 10 persons), secluded reading areas (with a rainforest view no less), a gift shop and a local cuisine serving restaurant that offers for the stomach and eyes with its spectacular natural backdrop (a riding area where visitors can view the group of working horsemen). Other natural amenities are green walking trails, well-maintained gardens, a magical looking butterfly farm, an orchard and a quaint working farm.

room Rooms:

Chachagua Rainforest Lodge offers a large number of eco living options to its guests along with a host of convenient in-room amenities. All rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi internet and hot water private bath. This eco-lodge features 9 Raiforest Rooms (ac and satellite TV), 19 Rainforest Bungalows with an independent terrace, relaxing hammocks and rocking chairs and two Deluxe Bungalows (featuring a Jacuzzi, mini bar, satellite TV and a large private terrace stocked with hammocks and chairs). Every room here is equipped with a ceiling fan and a portico, designed for providing views of the lodge’s attractive natural surroundings. Visitors can spot wildlife like the white-faced money, the poison dart frogs and the rare blue morphos from the private decks of their rooms. All rooms are well-lit, spacious, elegantly furnished and airy, while up keeping their rugged natural charm alive.


Chachagua Rain Forest Lodge
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