Contemporary Architecture in Costa Rica

You will find a lot of aesthetically designed buildings in Costa Rica built using traditional techniques with a modern slant on architecture. Coupling technologies with modern design and aesthetic, designers have built these structures. Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy devoted to beauty. Contemporary Costa rican culture advocates Diversity of styles, Eco-friendliness, and  Historic preservation. So architects design buildings using a creative process by which they utilize art elements to create a unified and pleasing artistic statement.

Torre De Usos Mixtos EN

TORRE DE USOS MIXTOS EN The Spanish firm Moho Architects has designed this mixed-use tower in San Jose. The building offers an ideal model of eco-friendly urban living by reducing dependency on transport and balancing energy consumption between its mixed-use program of day- and night-time activities. The shape of the building is conceived as separate strips of skin that start away from each other as the tower rises. The drilled holes are the way to create viewing platforms and spaces to add green. The displacement of these strips allows natural light to flood the interior spaces and promote the growth of vegetation.





The ORO Business Centre


If you are looking for office spaces in San Jose, The ORO Business Centre, a 3 storey building, might be your first choice. The building has been designed using contemporary art concept and cutting age architecture technology. You will be amazed to see the how it integrate modern technology with visual art. Openness, transparency, easy access, lush landscapes, and enjoyable spaces made to make you feel relaxed are just a few features that the designer meets when designing this.






The White House of Costa Rica

The-White-House-of-Costa-Rica Located on Playa Hermosa, The White House is one of the best beachfront architectural structures of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. This house is just a few hundred yards north of Santa Teresa and Mal Pais. This home has it’s own private infinity pool and volleyball court. Adjacent to Pranamar, this house has all the modern facilities.

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