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Puerto Viejo, Limon, Costa Rica A visit to the ChocoRart organic cacao farm in Playa Chiquita, just outside of Puerto Viejo on the southern Caribbean coast is a must visit for those who swear by their cocoa. Created and operated by an affable Swiss couple, the farm harvests and cooks cacao in the exact conventional method that the ancient Mayans used for thousands of years. Sugar is added to the chocolate, as are natural flavors such as ginger, coconut, vanilla and nuts. Tours are conducted only by prior reservation and rejoice, a chocolate tasting is part of the tour.

Mastatal de Puriscal

Nestled in the charming village of Mastatal de Puriscal, the family-run La Iguana Chocolate Farm has churned out organic chocolates for a quarter century. Visitors here get to take a tour and gain insights on how cacao is grown, dried and fermented to produce cocoa powder, chocolate and other delectable items that we dream of. The sustainable farm offers every day tours and takes in volunteers to help with cocoa production and native community development projects.

Finca Cabo

About a half an hour west of Puerto Jimenez on the Osa Peninsula, the Finca Cabo farm is completely sustainable and home to a number of wild animals, including sloths and monkeys. The highlight of the tour is when at the end visitors are served white pineapple, freshly baked and aromatic banana bread, a sumptuous piece of chocolate cake and four different types of bananas to dunk into just made chocolate sauce by the owners.

The Bibri Indigenous Reserve

A mere 30 minutes to the north of Playa Chiquita, the Bribri Indigenous Reserve is celebrated for its wide range of delicious chocolate based products. For centuries, the Bribri have harvested cacao and used the beans for significant rituals. Chocolate tours are available at several Bribri homes, where cacao artisans take visitors through the entire chocolate-making procedure. The highlight of the tour is homemade chocolate available for purchase at the end of every tour.

The Tirimbina Rainforest Center

The Tirimbina Rainforest Center, located on the periphery of Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui, offers a delectable chocolate tour which is one of the most sought after attractions in the region. One gets to explore the natural history of the ancient food and the entire chocolate-making process. The three-hour experience includes a tour of an erstwhile cacao plantation and a taste of hot cocoa and organic chocolate.

Tirimbina Chocolate Tour
Tirimbina Biological Reserve
La Virgen de Sarapiquí, Heredia
Phone : (506) 2761-0333

La Iguana Chocolate Farm

Located in the charming countryside region of Mastatal de Puriscal, the quaint family-run La Iguana Chocolate Farm has produced organic chocolate for more than 25 years. Take a tour and learn how cacao is cultivated, dried and preserved to make cocoa powder, chocolate and other delectable cocoa related items. This popular sustainable farm offers daily tours and welcomes volunteers to help out with the cocoa production and local community projects.

La Laguna Farm
La Iguana Chocolate
Mastatal, Puriscal,
10401, San Jose,
Costa Rica
Jorge: (506) 8725 8644 – English & Spanish
Farm: (506) 2200 0924 – Spanish Only  

Sibu Chocolate

Sibu Chocolate Join Sibu Chocolate for their annual Costa Rica cacao adventure organized with the help of Ecole Chocolate and Devries Chocolate. This week long adventure will take visitors to the traditional roots of cacao cultivating process. Visitors can benefit from a much informed understanding about the process of cacao cultivation and harvesting, while also helping them sample some delectable treats at the end of the tour.

Sibu Chocolate
Apdo. #308-3017 San Isidro, Heredia Costa Rica, Central America
Phone: Tel/fax: (506) 2268-1335

The Puerto Viejo Limon

The Puerto Viejo Limon in the Caribbean offers for the first time, gourmet bean-to-bar chocolate is being made right in front of your eyes. Their project is a sustainable permaculture farm where resident volunteers and staff are constantly toiling to restore the cacao and the forest garden in a balanced environment and sustainable way. Tour guests can experience a guided hike through their cacao forest while learning of the historical legacy of the region’s chocolate. Visitors can also enjoy a fulfilling chocolate tasting session of several chocolates from many small chocolate farms in Costa Rica. You can gain knowledgeable insights about everything from the history of chocolate from an Aztec ceremonial drink to top grade European style chocolate bars blended with indigenous spices.

The Puerto Viejo Limon
Dentro Om Yoga 25 mts norte de Cabinas El Tesoro
Playa Cocles, Puerto Viejo, Limon
Costa Rica
Phone:011 506 88368930  or  011 506 83412034

Don Juan

Don Juan Chocolate Tour On Don Juan Monteverde’s chocolate tour visitors will be completely soaked into Costa Rica’s cacoa culture for 30 minutes, complete with the delectable aromas and learning the cacoa history. Visitors will participate in the chocolate making process and have the opportunity to taste the fruit of the cacao and witness how the small cocoa beans are transformed into a flavorful chocolate drink. Travelers will get an insight into the conventional methods that were used by ancestors to roast the beans, separate the cocoa husks and grind the beans. At the end of the tour visitors can enjoy the taste of the chocolate they’ve made in a variety of forms including liquid chocolate, plain chocolate, spiced chocolate and coffee chocolate.

Don Juan Chocolate Tour
506 2645 7100

Ola Chocolates

Located in Cartago, Ola Chocolates are produced by the Esquivel Benjamin family. You can visit their farms to learn how they have incorporated different generations of the Costa Rican family into their business. Everyone here shares the work, including harvesting the seedpods to upkeeping the records for the organic certification process. Since all the members of the family pitch in to contribute their efforts they are able to maintain the fine chocolate quality.

Ola Chocolates
3 km este de Carbo Azul, Valle Azul
Turrialba, Cartago,
Costa Rica
Telephone: (506)8723-8789



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