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El Remanso Lodge


Costa Rica is a suitable surfing place due to the amenability of water. The place is focally situated with access to the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean as well as the Caribbean Sea. This unique surfing terminus also enjoys water that is beatifically warm throughout the year. Although many people may not think that eco lodges are places for surfers, the two genres of surfing and sustainability go together quite well. There are some Eco lodges in Costa Rica that offer surfing session all year round. Eco lodges are committed  to the conservation and protection of natural resources as well as activities that takes the guests close to the nature. If anyone want to enjoy surfing but didn’t do it before they can join the training sessions that some eco lodges offer. In some Eco Lodges they have experienced surfers who will guide the beginners to know how to surf as well as help the people who are already surfers but want to develop their skill. There are some Eco lodges that offers surfing lessons, also combine the session with yoga classes so that the guests can make them fit, flexible and balanced for surfing. After returning from surfing the guests can also take the massage therapy or enjoy spa that some Eco lodges offers. In Costa Rica there are many popular beaches for surfing destinations for decades. Below is a section of great Costa Rica Eco lodges that offer excellent surfing options:

Anamaya Resort

Anamaya-Resort This lodge sits strategically on the cliff-edge before the impressive ocean backdrop in Montezuma. This yoga retreat lodge is a good natural hide-out encompassed by natural waterfalls, rainforests beaches and more lush features. The lodge offers a comprehensive eco-retreat for your mind, body and soul wellbeing ranging from the daily yoga instructional sessions before sprawling views of the ocean, to surfing, to the invigorating body massage and spa treatments, to the organic meals you will be served, to hiking excursions and more. Accommodation is in form of nicely designed comfy, well equipped cabinas strategically positioned for panoramic views.

More info: Anamaya Resort

Blue Jay Lodge Malpais

Blue Jay Lodge Malpais Situated just 200 metres from the lavish beach, this lodge is encompassed by ample pristine experiences such as the spirit exalting sunsets, ideal surfing waters, the awesome Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve and more.The lodge also features a number of varied activities for its guests including trip to notable beaches in the area like Playa Carmen for sunbathing; surfing, scuba diving; snookering; deep-sea fishing; horseback riding; tour to the adjacent Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve for bird watching and more. Accommodation is in form of roomy, rustically comfy, well equipped back-to nature cabinas. Services offered are excellent!

More info: Blue Jay Lodge Malpais

El Sabanero Eco- Lodge

El-Sabanero-Eco--Lodge This lodge is strategically located in the vicinity of the famous Tamarindo beach in Guanacaste province. This enables guests to conveniently do surfing in the waters of Playa Grande and relax at Tamarindo beaches. This lodge is also known for its world-class golf sessions at the Hacienda Pinlla. Other exhilarating activities featured include exciting scuba diving, fishing, guided nature excursions through the adjacent Marino Las Baulas national park and the Diria wildlife refuge for thrilling nature experiences, snookering, and more. Accommodation is in form of classy and artistic, well equipped chalets surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens.

More info: El Sabanero Eco- Lodge

El Remanso Lodge

El-Remanso-Lodge This lodge sits on a 185 acres parcel on a tropical rainforest facing the unbroken beach in the phantasmagorical Osa peninsula. It is surrounded by beautiful features including the isolated waterfalls, a natural lagoon, creeks, pools, deep rainforest canyons and a privy beach. The lodge features a number of activities for its guests including surfing at the famous Matapalo breaks; kayaking; dreadful waterfall rappelling; early day bird watching; excursions for spotting the rich wildlife and plant species in the rainforest and many. Accommodation is in form of assorted comfy units ranging from back-to-nature cabins to spacious rooms.

More info: El Remanso Lodge

Finca Exotica

finca-exotica This luxurious lodge sits between the Osa Peninsula’s beautiful and secluded beaches and its famous tropical rainforest in the vicinity of the popular Corcovado National Park. The lodge offers a range of activities for its guests ranging from surfing in the famous Matapalo waters; to the hiking excursions in the famous Corcovado rainforest; to horseback riding; to kayaking; to self-guided excursions through the rainforest for bird watching; to yoga classes, invigorating massages and more. Foods offered are organic and accommodation is in form of distinctive hand-worked tarzan-type cabinas, Tiki tents and a roomy, well equipped two-story cabin rancho.

More info: Finca Exotica

Latitude 10

Latitude-10 This prime beach retreat is located at Santa Teresa, one of Costa Rica’s chief surf towns. It is flanked by verdant rainforests and natural secluded beaches. This lavish resort organizes for a number of thrilling activities for its guests including surfing at Costa Rica’s famed surf breaks, surf lessons, boating and fishing tours, horseback riding excursions, beach strolls, canopy tours, excursion through the bountiful rainforest, daily massages, ameliorating yoga experiences and more. Accommodation is in form of comfy, well furnished Casitas or privy bungalows. The lodge offers a classy personalized service in a relaxed environment to its guests.

More info: Latitude 10

Tierra de los Milagros

Tierra-de-los-Milagros This privy lodge is strategically located in the impressive Osa Peninsula of southern Costa Rica. It is surrounded by tide pools, waterfalls, a number of beautiful beaches, canopy tree trails and more. Although this eco lodge is primarily designed for yoga retreats and classes, the guests can also engage in other thrilling activities including surfing in Costa Rica’s near perfect waters, sea kayaking, waterfall rappelling, horseback riding, nature hikes, canopy tree climbing, swimming with dolphins and more. Accommodation is in form of beauteous thatch roofed bungalows. Services offered are warm and personalized with organic foods served.

More info: Tierra de los Milagros

Whales and Dolphins Eco Lodge

Whales-and-dolphins-eco-lodge This spectacular marine park is situated across the Parque Marino Ballena at Utiva de Osa. It is flanked by beautiful privy beaches, bountiful marine ecology reserves, jungles, natural waterfalls and more. Guests have a range of thrilling activities to choose from including surfing, bird watching, hikes through the exuberant tropical reserves, trip to the scenic beaches, snorkeling, kayaking, sport-fishing, deep-sea diving sessions and more. Accommodation is in form of comfy, well equipped, commodious rooms which are spectacularly curdled at the verge of a dramatic ridge. Services offered are classy and personalized by a hospitable staff.

More info: Whales and Dolphins Eco Lodge

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