Costa Rica tropical Rainforests-jewels of the earth


Though Costa Rica is a small country wedged between two continents, it is considered as one of the richest bio-diverse country in the world. Tropical Rainforests, sometimes referred as “Jewels of the earth”, harbor two-thirds of all the living species of animals and plants on the world. By taking help from a local naturalist guide, you can enjoy discovering the amazing world within the rainforest. Flanked by miles of beaches on the Pacific and the Caribbean, Costa Rica is commonly known for its world renowned beachfront and cascading coastline but the interior is alush tangle of rainforest, mist-veiled mountains, active volcanoes and habitat for some of the greatest biodiversity on earth. Lush and green throughout the year, this country is a great place for the nature lovers.

We can categorize Rainforests of Costa Rica in 3 different types such as tropical rainforest, tropical dry forest and cloud forest. In this country the tropical rainforests are considered as the most common habitat and the cloud forests boast amazing sights to see and also include volcanoes, mountains and has mysterious fogs as well as exotic vegetation. If you want to see the stunning beauty of the tropical rainforests, you will have to travel to the southwest regions of the country and also the Atlantic lowlands.

In Costa Rican rainforests are one of the most diverse & intense ecosystems in the world as you will find a variety of species of wild animals including mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, insects and birds here. In Costa Rica rainforests trees might grow up to hundred feet tall and absorbs about ninety percent of the rain forest’s photosynthesis. There are also huge numbers of different kinds of smaller trees.

If you go to the North Pacific coast, you can enjoy watching the amazing beauty of the tropical dry forests. But those dry forests are less diverse in compared to rainforests as they got much less rain. These dry forests hosts a wonderful ecosystem that contains a huge variety of trees and flowers. Here goes some of the most well-known rainforest, coudforest and dryforest of Costa Rica:

Arenal Volcano:

The Arenal Volcano National Park made up mostly of primary rainforest. It accommodates a huge amount of flora and fauna and environs 4 different life zones. 850 species of bird species are recorded in Costa Rica and 75% of the total can be found in Arenal Volcano rainforest. There are also a variety of wild animals including white faced capuchin monkeys, sloths, deer, and coati. You will find a lot of snakes there, including parrot snake, boa constrictor and fer-de-lance. In this rainforest you will also find different species of plants including laurel, guayabo de monte, orchids, cirri, palms, ferns, heliconias and bromeliads.

Manuel Antonio:

Boasting world-class views and beaches, Manuel Antonio is nestled high above the enchanting national park. Several kilometers of very well maintained trails are offered by Manuel Antonio and that have easy accesses the the lowland rainforest of Costa Rica. Near the entrance of the rainforest there is a small area of mangroves that boasts three species, buttonwood, red and white.  Manuel Antonio is home to over 350 species of birds. Red backed squirrel monkeys (mono tití) are a big attraction of this area.

Puerto Viejo:

Due to its cultural allure, tropical vegetation, amazing white-sand beaches and easy accessibility to the national parks make the Puerto Viejo a popular tourist destination. If you visit the Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge and Cahuita National Park, you can get the chance to watch the stunning wildlife of the region. You can go for a full day jungle adventure tour and enjoy hiking up the river in a gorgeous rainforest environment.


Positioned in Puntarenas, Monteverde is considered as one of the most popular tourist destination in entire Costa Rica. This misty and cloudy small town is popular for its breathtaking reserves and amazing rain and cloud forests.

Central Pacific:

Situated in Manuel Antonio National Park and Carara National Park, Central Pacific’s rainforests are perfect mix of wonderful white sand beaches and exotic tropical forests.

Guanacaste National Park:

Located in the northern Costa Rica, Guanacaste National Park is a part of the Area de Conservación Guanacaste, a World Heritage Site in Guanacaste Province. This park was developed to make a passage between the rain forest and dry forest areas.

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