Danta Corcovado Lodge

Danta Corcovado Lodge

Owned by a very enterprising Costa Rican family, Danta Corcovado Lodge is a port of entry to Corcovado National Park. It is a rustic but open place that will let you to enjoy the interconnection with nature, exploring the beauty of the surroundings as well as comfortable accommodation facility, delicious dishes, and also great hospitality. This lodge is trying to enhance the awareness of sustainable living and you will find this thought in every subject and object of the lodge as the total construction has been done with the local materials, original wood carvings and beautifully maintained wooden floors of all the cabins, the dining are and also for the main lodge. 


If you go a few step out from the lodge there are plenty of activities that you can enjoy nearby. You can go for a night tour on a loop around the lake and find out the wildlife that usually become active at night, go for a private trails that cross a palm plantation, go for bird watching and find a different species of birds in the forest as well as explore the beauty of the excellent wildlife, a secondary forest, a primary forest, and regenerating forested areas. You can also just enjoy swimming at an isolated beach, zip lining, rainy season special tour or can enjoy kayaking in the mangroves. You can easily enjoy Golfo Dulce and the forest. 


Standard-room Different types of accommodation facilities offered by Danta Corcovado Lodge. There are bunk-bed rooms with shared bath to spacious forest cabins and also a wheelchair-accessible master suite with a  spacious, semi-alfresco bathroom. In this resort the accommodations are designed in a such a way that it can match all budgets. If you want more privacy, you can stay at bungalows that are nestled further in the forest, about 200 meters from the main lodge. These bungalows, made of Melina and bamboo, includes private enclosed garden bathroom and the toilets are decorated with  extraordinary woodwork. If you go with your family you can stay at the Lodge house which are also ideal for students of a group. Danta Corcovado Lodge House has two separate rooms including a double bed and the other one include a bunk bed and a single bed. It is featured with a a corridor, living room and private bathroom with hot water. Lodge house rooms are set close to the main building. In this lodge there are also standard rooms which are simple and featured with Sura beds which are very comfortable and have unique towering headboards. There are also twisted branch windows. Standard rooms are also featured with bedside tables and tree “cookie” mirrors.

Bar and Restaurant: 

In this rustic lodge there is a bar and restaurant that offers delicious food, free coffee and tea. With variety of taste there are different type of Costa Rican dishes and also include vegetarian options. Here you can enjoy candlelight dinner or can enjoy the beautiful towering rainforest. 


Danta Corcovado Lodge – Corcovado National Park
email: info@dantalodge.com
Tel: (506) 2735 1111
Fax: (506) 2735 1212
Apdo. 83-60702 Puerto Jiménez, Golfito,Costa Rica.
Website: http://www.dantalodge.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Danta-Corcovado-Lodge/283686684204
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dantalodge

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