Eco Tours in Costa Rica


Boosting one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world, Costa Rica is divided in 8 biological reserves, 20 natural parks and a series of protected areas. This country is just like a paradise for the ecotourism lovers. This country has many natural wonders to explore. During your vacation in Costa Rica you can enjoy a plenty of activities that incorporates the lush environment. You can go for horseback riding, bird watching, and many other eco tour that will allow you to be connected with the nature. When you will walk through the dense, tropical forests of Costa Rica, you will get opportunity to spot different species of colorful birds and wild animals and you will experience a heavenly feeling in the natural surroundings. Here goes some of the eco tours in Costa Rica:

Playa Ostional-place to watch sea turtles lay eggs:

Playa Ostional-place to watch sea turtles lay eggs:

You can go to the Playa Ostional where each month you can get the opportunity to see massive gathering of egg-laying turtles. Around the last quarter moon is the best time to this egg-laying event. You can enjoy this amazing scene with your family. Kids will be really amazed while watching the a huge number of sea turtles swimming up to the beach, dropping their eggs off and returning to the sea. During the month between July to December is the best time to watch this amazing scene though you can also enjoy it anytime throughout the year.

Visit Manuel Antonio National Park:

Nature lovers will absolutely enjoy this tour. In Costa Rica Manuel Antonio National Park is the smallest national park that is home to different species of wild animals and birds. In this park you will find jungle habitats and beaches. With the help of a guide you can visit the places where you can spot different species of monkeys and sloths and also other wild animals.

Monteverde Cloud Forest:

Monteverde is well-known as a popular place for eco-tours in Costa Rica. Monteverde cloud forest reserve is a great place to enjoy walking through and enjoy exploring the natural beauty of the area. You can also enjoy watching different species of wild animals. Monteverde provides family-friendly accommodations and also other facilities to ensure you have a memorable experience. You can go for zip-line tours with you family and enjoy having a thrilling adventure in the middle of the nature. You can also go to hanging bridges and enjoy watching the beauty of the nature and its wildlife from a close distance. If you have kids with you, you can go to the Children’s Eternal Rainforest. It is a conservation project that provides hikes geared for the little visitors. Selvatura Park is also ideal for enjoying a canopy tour and to visit butterfly garden.

Hike at Cloudbridge Reserve:

If you are more adventurous, you can go to a trek in the Talamanca mountains. Neighbor of the tallest mountain of Costa Rica-Chirripo, Cloudbridge Reserve is highly suitable for all level hikers. There you can enjoy watching different species of colorful tropical birds, walking through the cloud forest and enjoy climbing on the amazing mountains as well as visit some wonderful waterfalls.

Snorkel at Tortuga Island:

Boasting swaying palms and white-sand beaches, Tortuga Island can be reached by a 90 minute boat ride from the mainland. Right off the shore it has vibrant coral communities and the island is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. You can enjoy exploring the beautiful underwater life and might also watch octopus, spinner dolphins and even sharks.

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