Educational Tours in Costa Rica


Costa Rica is a great place for Educational, Adventure, Ecotourism and many types of tours that allow the travelers to learn something new outside the class room. Students, Teachers and others can learn about the culture, people, food, lifestyle, history, economy, plantations, farming, permaculture and many more. There are many educational tours which involve workshops, science programs, volunteer projects with customized and learning-standards based itineraries. These types of educational tours allow the students get incredibly memorable and life-changing experiences. One of the many benefits of travel is that the travelers can get the opportunity to expand their perspective and explore new cultures and habitats. Travelers can also go for a guided tour to the cloud forest, discover fascinating plants and wildlife. No matter which type of education tour you prefer, the experiences will be with you long after your vacation ends. Here goes some of the top educational tours in Costa Rica:

Costa Rica Exotica Natural:

Costa Rica Exotica Natural is based out of the capital city San Jose in Costa Rica. Customized educational tours are offered by this CREN. It designs tours based on nature- and education. Educational camps usually ranged from eight to 11 days and the tours lasts for 12 days. You can go for a seas-to sea tour for 12 days or go for enjoying bird-watching and spot colorful birds and also know about the species from an expert guide. You can also go for a ecological camps. CREN also offers some educational packages which especially customized for those who want to go a specific region or experience a specific activity in depth.

EF Educational Tours:

EF Educational Tours was founded in 1965 in Sweden and for 50 years it is helping teachers and students discover the world through culturally immersive educational travel. It offers four tours to Costa Rica. Each of these tours include round-trip air fare, guided sightseeing, the services of a full-time EF tour guide, breakfasts, accommodations and also some entrance fees. Most itineraries offered by EF Educational Tour at least seven days long and offers travelers a best price guarantee for all of their tours.


Greenway Nature Tours:

Since more than 10 years, Greenway Nature Tours is arranging a variety of packaged tours based on Education, Adventure, Ecotourism and Science Programs which are customized with full and complete service for the adults, students, and teachers. Green Nature Tours customize the educational tours for those who want to gain a deeper understanding of the ecological and environmental culture of Costa Rica. Specializes in Costa Rican nature, Green Nature Tours take the travelers to the shores of Limon, Puntarenas and Caldera Piers. Any group including adults can join the student tours which feature lectures and fieldwork in some of Th remote rainforests along its treasured beaches and amongst the ancient volcanoes of Costa Rica. These educational tour prices include accommodation, a bilingual tour guide, some meals and transportation within Costa Rica.


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