Esquinas Rainforest Lodge


Located on the beautiful Piedra Blancas National Park in the Southern region of Costa Rica’s popular vacation spot – the Osa Peninsula, Equinas Rainforest Lodge combines the best of the wilderness appeal of the nation’s rainforests with the tranquility of its castaway beaches. The lodge is situated on Corcovado National Park’s extension and is a thriving spot for bird watchers, nature enthusiasts, adventure junkies and wildlife researchers. Equinas has also consistently contributed to conducting research in the field of sustainability and preservation of natural resources along with local community development initiatives. The resort strives to provide guests top-notch accommodation options, topped with a series of comfortable amenities, while still retaining its focus on responsible eco tourism and educating visitors on the perils of damaging their surroundings. Visitors here can savor a variety of experiences from hobnobbing with local communities at the adjoining La Gamba village to embarking on a high action adventure trail. The fun never ceases at Esquinas Rainforest Lodge.


Tours and Activities


Esquinas has put together a vast range of tours for ensuring that the guests never experience a dull moment on Osa’s breathtaking landscape. There are nature hikes, where guests have the opportunity to spot over 350 species of vivid birds along with vibrant butterflies and little known insects.  Those with a penchant for a more rugged adventure can go mountain biking, horseback riding and kayaking (at Golfo Dulce). Other more leisurely tours include a tour of the La Gamba village community, a three hour motor boat dolphin watching trip, Rio Coto mangrove exploratory tours and Casa Orguides water tours.  Some other popular tours organized by Equinas Rainforest Lodge are a tour of the Wilson Botanical Garden, a San Vito coffee plantation tour, day long trip to the Corcovado National Park via a light plane and flights over the Osa Peninsula to enjoy the region’s spectacular aerial views.


Esquinas Rainforest Lodge’s in-house amenities comprise a well-appointed yet relaxed aura sporting restaurant, a bar, neatly maintained tropical gardens for enjoying the evening breeze, numerous hiking trails and an striking spring fed pool.




This relaxed and causal yet comfortable and well maintained lodge offers fourteen tastefully decorate rooms, which are equipped with a private terrace, a ceiling fan and a hot water shower. Esquinas has recently had a jungle villa constructed on a nearby hill at a short distance from the original lodge. It houses two private yet interconnecting bedrooms that can be used to accommodate up to four guests. Each room has an independent veranda (stocked with relaxing rocking chairs and an expansive view offering balcony) that is designed to offer splendid views of Esquinas’ ecologically abundant surroundings. The spacious living area within the room has a fully equipped kitchen along with a huge dining table and a few hammocks. This villa can only be rented for a minimum period of four days.


Room Rates


The all-inclusive Jungle Villa package is priced at $ 600 USD for 2 adults for a period of 4 nights; similarly for 5 an 6 nights, the rates are $ 720 USD and $ 840 USD respectively. The high season price for double occupancy in a regular room is $ 120 USD.


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