Evergreen Lodge

A place that is so close and involved in nature, that is, The Evergreen Lodge Tortuguero. It is a beautiful place in itself. A park to relax and enjoy nature to have direct contact with nature as well as a lodge where you can have a comfortable stay and enjoy all the facilities that it has to offer. With service on full board you just need to relax and enjoy the beauty of Tortuguero.

During the early era, the Evergreen Lodge management was looking for a place which could coexist with nature. They decided to construct rustic cabins inside the existing ecosystem of the Totuguero National Park. This effort not only preserved the rainforest in its green state in Tortuguero town but also reflected this lodge as a partner of sustainability program.


Ever Green Tortugual

Ever Green Tortuguero






Evergreen Lodge Tortuguero

Evergreen Lodge Tortuguero

Evergreen Lodge’s crew can pick you from any hotel in San Jose. Although there is no road from San Jose to Tortuguero – there is, however, a boat service reserved to cover this distance.

For more information on tours and packages you may visit the website link given below:

Website URL: http://evergreentortuguero.com
Tel:  2222 – 6841 / 2222 – 6840 / 2222 – 6851
Fax: 2257-7742
Email: info@evergreentortuguero.com

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