Finca Amanecer

Finca Amanecer

Finca Amanecer is the place where you will get an intimate Eco-lodge experience, enjoy a sustainable tourism, in the typical pueblo of Londres which is pretty laid back, safe and quiet. You will stay at a rustic farmhouse, on seven acres that is 10 miles east of Quepos in Londres, Costa Rica.  If you are looking for a relaxing, friendly and beautiful place to visit or even live, Finca Amanecer is perfect for you. This is the place where you can go alone and get the opportunity to meet life long friends. 


Finca Amanecer

Since December 2002, Finca Amanecer has been operating as a Bed and Breakfast or Eco-Lodge. This Eco-lodge is located on a bus route in the typical Tico pueblo of Londres. Ideally situated 10 miles east of Quepos, halfway between the Pacific beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park and the Rainforests of Cerro Nara. You can explore the beauty of the beaches which is still undiscovered.


While staying at this Eco lodge you can do your Yoga workouts and at the same time enjoy watching amazing view of Rio Naranjo. You will see the beautiful Scarlet Macaws and toucans, be seduced by the bouquet of Ylang Ylang, El Lirio. You can spend some relaxed and tranquil time in Finca Amanecer’s swimming hole, fall asleep to the sounds of Rio Naranjo or a profusion of Night Blooming Jasmine,  by the creek, run the rapids on Rio Naranjo  or just hang out in a hammock and watch the Scarlet Rummped Tanagers and humming birds or Green Iguanas in the trees.


Finca Amanecer accommodation The Finca Amanecer Eco-Lodge is the original farmhouse- La Casa Vieja which has the new bamboo yoga rancho, its own kitchen, 3 private double bedrooms and one private individual room.  It offers rustic but clean and comfortable lodging experience in keeping with life in the tropics. This lodge also include a small salon with books and games. You will enjoy WiFi connection. Poetry Room has a orthopedic Queen bed, one garden view window and sky light providing very sunny mornings, sink and shares a semi-private, tiled hot shower with the Sunset Room. Sunset room includes an double bed, sink and 2 garden view windows providing sunny mornings. You can also stay at Cacao which is a private accommodation, built with teak from the farm, one window to the patio, and shares the community bathroom with a tiled, hot shower, toilet and a large tiled utility sink.  There is also the fully screened “in-law” house which has  become a master suite which is called ‘picnic in paradise’. It offers El Lirio with a double bed and bunks; plus Jasmine has a double and an individual. Up to seven people can stay together here. You can also chose the Great Room including  its own kitchen, dining table and 2 comfortable sofas, plus bath with tub.


You can enjoy many types of tours offered by Finca Amanecer near Quepos, Manuel Antonio, Londres and the tours includes Canopy tour/ Zip line, Kayaking, Rafting, Horse back riding, Sunset sailing, Boat tour etc.

Eco Village:

Finca Amanecer Eco Village There are 3 or 4 restaurants in Londres and 2 Mini-supers, all within walking distance. Faxing is available as well. You can  live in a climate and at an elevation where you do not need heating, nor air conditioning.  The sustainable Eco-Village with lush tropical gardens and 500 feet of creek frontage will take you closer to the nature. There you will have opportunity to co-create a sustainable community. The community house has 6 bedroom, 3 bathrooms and 2 kitchens. You may rent a room with meals and laundry service from Christmas to Easter on a monthly basis. See if living in community is for you.

While walking down to the main “sendero”, you will experience the grandeur of the towering hardwood trees and be delighted in the organic spices like ginger, vanilla, cinnamon, turmeric, cardamom and allspice. There are also tropical fruits including mangoes, pineapples, avocado, bananas, and also oranges. There are also different flowers. You can also walk through a forest of ornamental Ginger and heliconias too numerous to count.


Finca Amanecer
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