Finca Bellavista

Finca Bellavista

Finca Bellavista is a mysterious place in the heart of the Costa Rican rainforest, but, once you get there, you will discover a unique lifestyle that more and more people are trying to adopt – living in the middle of the nature in eco-friendly communities. The exact coordinates of the retreat are communicated only to those who have previously made a reservation.

Finca Bellavista (meaning “beautiful view farm” in Spanish) is located in a mountainous area of the coast region, close to the Pacific Ocean and has one of the most abundant ecosystems in the world. The diverse geography of the place (mountains, valleys, rivers, waterfalls) and vegetation (rainforest) makes the place suitable for a large number of entertaining activities. Another advantage is its proximity to neighboring cities, where all modern facilities are accessible.


Finca-Bellavista-tree-house Finca Bellavista is not a hotel or a spa; it was designed as a Treehouse community where people can live untroubled by stress, crowd or pollution. You can get to own a tea-house here or just rent one and enjoy the incredible scenery. Visitors or inhabitants can admire the two rivers bordering the property, the remote beaches, mountains and waterfalls. Visitors are offered breakfast, lunch and dinner at affordable prices and drinking water and are encouraged to adopt the “fresh food” lifestyle. And also forget about your cellphone, the signal is very weak there.


You can choose between 8 Treehouses, each having its own personality and view. They can host various numbers of visitors and each one is surprising in its own way due to the shape of the rooms, to skylights, to decorations, to 360-degree views of the forest or to outdoor showers.


People-practicing-Yoga-at-Finca-Bellavista You will spend here a very pleasant time, since plenty of activities are available on-site or in the neighborhood. You can start by simply admiring the wonderful landscape (rivers, natural pools, various multicolored rocks) or by observing the abundance of life (crabs, fish, shrimps, hundreds of bird species). If you are interested in more thrilling experiences, try night hikes or ziplines or if you need to feel relaxed, the staff can guide you to activities such as garden tours, cooking classes, photography, painting, and writing. Learning trips are also available for groups on request. Just do everything you don’t have the time of patience to do in your everyday life.

Future visitors are first of all informed that Finca Bellavista’s values and principles may not suit everybody and those who want to live here, for a shorter or longer period of time, are required to respect some rules and get used to some limitations. The retreat is rustic and its objective is building a self-sustained community based on natural resources. The transport is based on the skytrail network and the electricity is carbon-neutral.

People who want to purchase their own lot in Finca Bellavista are very much welcome and encouraged to find out more about the process of buying land in Costa Rica, which is not as complicated as one would expect. What will be a little more time consuming is designing a Treehouse which respect certain standards, specific to eco-friendly or sustainable communities. The Finca Bellavista site offers more information about life in Costa Rica and encourages those interested to try first volunteering there to see if this lifestyle suits them.


Finca Bellavista
La Florida de Osa, Costa Rica

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